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Configure your voicemail

Call 1969 to configure your voicemail for the first time. On this number you can also change your voicemail settings, such as your greeting or personal code. For this, you can still also call the old number 1230. No longer want to use your voicemail? Deactivate voicemail.

Configure your voicemail for the first time

Call the toll-free number 1969 with your mobile and follow the instructions.

  1. Select your language (Dutch, English, French or German).
  2. Record your name and a personal greeting of max. 60 seconds.
  3. Choose a personal code with 6 to 8 digits. Obvious combinations such as 123456 or 111111 are automatically refused.

Change the voicemail settings

With your mobile, call the toll-free number 1969, select option 3 (Change mailbox settings) and follow the instructions.  You will be given the following options:

(1) Change your personal greeting: record a new welcome message of max. 60 seconds.
Here, you can also activate a temporary greeting or a standard greeting that mentions your name or mobile number.
(2) Personal code: activate, deactivate or change the secret code of your voicemail.
(3) General options:

  • Change your language (Dutch, English, French or German).
  • Choose whether to hear the date and time of the message while it is being played.
  • Activate or deactivate the Extended Features to divert messages to others, or to reply with a message or call.

(4) Notification method: choose to be alerted by text or an automatic call whenever you receive a new message.
(5) Mailing lists: create and change up to 20 mailing lists and add up to 20 people to each list. This way, you can send voicemail messages to different people at the same time. It is not possible to add international numbers or special numbers (070, 0900, etc.) to a mailing list.
(*) Return to previous menu.
(0) Help: more information about the different options in the voicemail menu.

All changes are executed immediately.

You can also change the ring time when your mobile switches to voicemail too quickly.

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