TITAN project: modernization of the transport network

You have recently received a communication that may cause an interruption of services as a result of the TITAN project? We will explain what this means for you.

What is the TITAN project?

To support you in your activities, Proximus continuously works to improve, optimize and upgrade its voice and data networks. For many years, substantial investments have been made in the fixed access network (fiber) and the mobile network (5G). Ten-year investments have also been planned for the transport network (the backbone).

To support rising usage and traffic, it is crucial to proactively, and exceptionally, adapt the transport infrastructure at the heart of our network. This work is part of the TITAN (Terabit IP Transport & Aggregation Network) Project. More details can be found in the technical data sheet.

Your benefits:

  • Ten-fold increase in "backbone" capacity, with an overall reduction in transmission time on the network.
  • Increase in network reliability.
  • Upgrade of the "backbone" network, thanks to future-proof technologies.

When will these planned works take place?

In practice, Proximus will carry out the scheduled works for the migration of all types of Ethernet-based services between July 2018 and 2021.

These works will be carried out in phases, zone by zone, for the period indicated. If there is a risk that the works will impact your communications, we will inform your contact person well in advance.

Two weekly intervention windows will be scheduled on Monday and Wednesday from 00:00 to 06:00. Service impact starts at 01:00. We expect impact to last between 30 minutes and max 2 hours 30 minutes. Your services will be gradually restored.

This intervention requires no action from you and you can rest assured that we'll do everything possible to limit the inconvenience caused by these exceptional works.

How can you consult your planned works or modify your contacts?

You can see your planned works and contacts in MyProximus. For each planned work, you can select a contact person.

  1. Log on to MyProximus with your username and password.
    Log in to MyProximus Opens a new window
    You do not have a MyProximus login or password yet? Subscribe to MyProximus.
    You have lost your MyProximus credentials? Request your username or password.
  2. In the Follow-up menu, click on Technical assistance tickets.

Which services may be affected during the planned works?

All services in the same region or city may be impacted during the planned works:

  • Your internet, television and fixed telephony services
  • Mobile coverage in the intervention region will be greatly reduced during the works: Depending on your location, one or more of the closest Proximus antennas may be temporarily unavailable during the work.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a detailed estimate for your specific location(s).

What can you do?

  • Outside the coverage is always better than inside. Usually it will remain sufficient for calls and text messages.
  • Emergency calls to 112 are possible at any time! If necessary, these calls pass fully automatically through one of the other operators.

Equipment that requires a connection to the internet may also be affected by the planned works. We therefore recommend that you perform eventual maintenance work (e.g. backing up in the Cloud, installing server updates, etc.) before or after the scheduled work.

What can you do if your services are not restored?

If your service is unexpectedly not restored by 06:00, then you can try a restart of your local device (CPE router, B-box modem...). If that does not fix the problem, please contact your Proximus helpdesk on 0800 55 200.

For all other questions on your planned works, contact your Account ManagerNew window.