Split the private and professional costs of your employees

Thanks to the Private Use service, you can split the private and professional communication costs of your employees and get more control over your mobile fleet spending. Your employees will be responsible for paying for communications which cannot be regarded as work-related, while keeping the same phone and mobile number and benefiting from a low business rate for their private calls and data traffic.

In detail

Both parties receive a bill:

  • You, as the employer, will be billed for business communications.
  • Private communications will appear on a separate bill, which will be sent to the employee (respect for privacy).

Private Use can be perfectly combined with a Wireless Office Extended solution.

There are three ways of separating calls:

  1. By using an “escape code”: the user presses a specific key to determine the call type

  2. By defining lists of authorized numbers, even abroad

  3. By defining time slots (e.g. in national use, you configure a mobile number so that all calls between 9:00 and 17:00 are paid for by the company)

For the sake of consistency, you can implement the same rules for fixed outgoing calls by programming your phone exchange, and for mobile outgoing calls by implementing Private Use. Example: calls to a specific partner will always be paid by the company.

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