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Switch from Proximus Fleet Manager to MyProximus Enterprise

Proximus Fleet Manager (PFM) will be phased out and replaced by Invoice Insights and Mobile Number Management within MyProximus Enterprise.

Proximus Fleet Manager today consists of two parts:

  • ProxiManage: for managing and analyzing your mobile invoices. This part will be replaced by Invoice Insights (already online).
  • ProxiHandset: for reporting all details regarding your mobile device (e.g. IMEI number, brand, type, etc.). This section will be added in the future to Mobile Number Management.

How do I make the switch?

To switch, follow these steps:

  1. If you have not yet done so, register on MyProximus Enterprise as Digital Access Owner or Delegate UserNew window.
  2. Log in to MyProximus Enterprise.

    Log in to MyProximusNew window
  3. Once you're logged in, you'll find:
    • Invoice Insights by clicking on the Invoices menu and Invoice Insights.
    • Mobile Number Management by clicking on the Products menu and Mobile Number Management.

How do I export my invoice data?

The Rough Data Export feature in Invoice Insights is a pay-for service. As an existing customer, you can now get this feature for free for 2 months. To activate the free version, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to MyProximus Enterprise.

    Log in to MyProximusNew window
  2. Click on the Invoices menu and Invoice Insights.
  3. Click on Administration.
  4. Click on Subscriptions. All subscriptions are described in this screen. Your current subscription can be identified by the button marked 'Current subscription' .
  5. You can try out the Invoice Insights Plus or Advanced for free by clicking on the button marked 'Try subscription' . Read the instructions and confirm with the button marked 'Confirm'.

Once the trial period is over, order the subscription by clicking on the button marked 'Order subscription' . You will be proactively notified when the trial version expires.

NB: the format of the exported data is not the same as in ProxiManage. Therefore, please adapt your processes to the new format in good time. Download the specifications relating to the export of raw dataNew window.

Why do I have to pay to export my invoice data?

In Proximus Fleet Manager, the downloading of invoice data (Rough Data Export) was offered as a way of overcoming the limitations of the system.

Invoice Insights Essentials has addressed most of these limitations, so Rough Data Export is not included in the Essentials subscription.

The Raw Data Export or Report Export features are only included in the Plus and Advanced subscriptions for compatibility reasons, although we are sure that thanks to the powerful reporting capabilities of the Advanced subscription, you will no longer need Raw Data Export.

Can I still use Proximus Fleet Manager (PFM)?

You can still use Proximus Fleet Manager until the phase-out.

You can find it in MyProximus Enterprise under the Products tab. You will also find Mobile Number Management in this tab.

Additional info

Do you have questions about using Invoice Insights? Read more about consulting your mobile invoices and usage in Invoice Insights.

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