Microsoft Teams: tips & tricks

Microsoft Teams keeps you connected with colleagues. Do you get the most out of these collaboration tools? Do you want to know how to use them? We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you below.

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Teams in general

Is Teams available on mobile devices, e.g. iPad, (iOS/Android)?
Teams can be downloaded on any device: Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices. Download Microsoft Teams for your desktop or mobile.

What are the differences between the free and paid version of Teams?
Compare the differences between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams free.

Teams chat

Can you delete the messages sent in Teams (e.g. wrong team or outdated)?
Yes, you can easily edit or delete sent messages in Teams.

Teams meetings

What is a whiteboard?
Read more about whiteboards in Teams meetings and how to use them.

Are there any moderator options (or tips) to run a large meeting?

  • To start with, it is easy to "mute" everyone who is in the meeting, especially if there is one presenter who has to deliver a message or give a presentation. You can do this by displaying the participants in the meeting and then choosing 'mute all'. All participants who enter the meeting later on will also be automatically muted.
  • It is also important that you only share the things you actually want to share in your meeting. If you don't want other participants to be able to read your mails and see your messy desktop, then you should only share the Powerpoint or Excel you want to discuss, and not your entire desktop.
  • It is also important to give people the right role in a team meeting.
  • Teams will also integrate a "raise hand" function. You can simply click a button to ask a question in particularly busy or large meetings.
  • For very large webinars or events you have far-reaching functionalities with Teams Live events.

Can you record meetings in Teams? Where are they stored?
Yes, this is possible. You can read more about recording meetings.

Save and edit files in Teams

How do you do file management in Teams?
All files of a Team and Channel are organized in a Sharepoint site. You can also access this Sharepoint site via a browser.

Can you work simultaneously with two people on a document?
Yes, you can collaborate on files.

Are files (such as Excel or PPT) automatically updated in Teams when working outside Teams?
Yes, you can open and edit the documents and they remain centralized and up-to-date in the Teams channels.

I have a OneNote Notebook with documentation. Is it possible to pin it into Teams?
Yes, you can easily add a OneNote Notebook as a tab at the top of your channel.

Collaborating with people outside your organisation

Can you invite people outside your organization to work together in Teams?
If your organization allows it, you can indeed invite add contacts outside your organisation. Think about privacy and setting up security rules correctly.

Do teams need to be installed at external locations to communicate with them?
No, they can perfectly log in and participate via a web browser.

Calling in Teams

What is direct routing?
Direct Routing and SIP trunking allows you to link your Proximus corporate number to your Teams client. We then establish a connection between the Proximus telephony platform and your Team environment. In this way you can call from Teams to all fixed, mobile and international numbers. Microsoft Teams stimulates collaboration and communication within companies. By adding Direct Routing, users can benefit from the advantages of a fully integrated workstation, including fixed telephony. Proximus hosts and manages the necessary infrastructure, making this a carefree product for you as a customer. This solution is combined with an attractive choice of different rate plans via Proximus' SIP network, adaptable to your specific needs and requirements.

Can you also use the call function separately from your PBX central on prem? As a backup for example?
Yes, with Teams Direct Routing (via Proximus) you can work/call perfectly in standalone mode. This does not have to be linked to your PBX/Telephone System. Read more about Advanced Workplace with Microsoft Teams including fixed telephony.

Teams devices

Which devices work with Microsoft Teams?
Some devices are developed for use with Teams. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of these devices.

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