Analyse your mobile bills in detail

Learn how to use Invoice Insights in MyProximus to manage your mobile bills quickly and easily. Prefer to watch a video? Watch the Invoice Insights webinarNew window.

Access to Invoice Insights

Invoice Insights is available on MyProximus:

Log in to MyProximus to view your products.

Log on to MyProximus! Opens a new window

Click on Invoices and on Invoice Insights.


You always have free access to Invoice Insights Essential which includes all of the basic features to manage your bills.

For more advanced features such as cost centre management, reporting, raw data export etc., try out our Plus or Advanced solutions.

To view your current subscription or our other solutions, open Invoice Insights in MyProximus:

  1. Click on Administration.
  2. Click on Subscriptions.

You will now see your current subscription and an overview and description of all other solutions that are available:

Essential allows you to quickly and easily understand your invoices online. Each month, you get an overview of the received invoices. You can browse through those invoices, thanks to a flexible drill down, to the details of one invoice. Invoice Insights Essential is the lowest subscription you always receive for free.

Plus allows you to easily report and identify anomalies through quick dashboards and the management of references and cost centres. the Raw Data feature allows you to download your full invoice details including your references and cost centres in CSV.

Advanced allows you to analyse your spend, to optimize your costs and enables budget forecasting through customizable reports spanning multiple months. Your reports can be enriched with references and cost centres which you can easily manage in bulk. The Advanced Raw Data feature allows you to download your full invoice details including your references and cost centres in CSV.

Invoice overview

Overview of your bills:

  1. Select your language in the upper right corner. Certain information will not be displayed in the selected language as it dependant on the language you have chosen for your bills.
  2. Click on a month in the graph to display all bills for this month, e.g. ‘O’ to display all bills for October.
  3. View an overview for all bills of the chosen month on the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the Arrow '>' icon icon next to a bill to go to the details for this bill.
  5. Search for a specific bill in the search field by entering a customer account or invoice number.

Invoice details

If you clicked on the arrow next to a specific bill in invoice overview, you will see the details of this bill. Click on each tile to see more details.

  1. View how the total cost of your bill is divided:
    • Subscriptions and bundles: shows your monthly recurring costs.
    • Usage costs: shows your usage costs for calls, text messages and data.
    • Other charges and credits: shows your non-recurring costs such as activation costs and commercial credits.
    • Discounts: shows all your discounts.
  2. Download your bill as:
    • PDF invoice: as a PDF file that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat ReaderNew window.
    • Raw data export: as a CSV file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel (only available for Plus and Avanced subscriptions with raw data export).
  3. View the net costs:
    • Mobile numbers overview: shows the net costs per mobile number. To easily see which mobile numbers consume the most, click the arrow next to Amount to sort the amounts from high to low.
    • Other assets overview: shows the net costs that cannot be allocated to a mobile number.
  4. View default reports with totals or top 10's. Click the Question mark '?' icon icon for details on the report.
  5. Tile management: In the Plus or Advanced version you can customize the tiles on your invoice details page and show tiles for international usage, premium services & mobile payments, default reports, etc.


Allows you to manage your accounts, cost centres, assets, references and subscriptions.

  1. Customer account Management: shows a list of your accounts and the date of the last bill received for every account. Click on the More '...' icon icon in the top right corner to export to Microsoft Excel.
  2. Cost centre Management: allows you to add, edit or remove cost centres (only available for Plus or Advanced subscriptions). In the list of cost centres, click on the number of assets next to a cost centre to see more details, you will now see a list of assets assigned to this cost centre. Click the More '...' icon and Arrow '>" icon icons to edit or customize assets. Once changes have been made, you will need to link assets under Asset Management.
  3. Reference Management: allows you to create references for your employees (name, e-mail address, personnel number, username, etc.) by clicking the More '...' icon icon (only available for Plus and Advanced subscriptions). Once changes have been made, you will need to link assets under Asset Management.
  4. Asset Management: allows you to link references and cost centres to assets (only available for Plus and Advanced subscriptions). Click the More '...' icon and Arrow '>' icon icons to edit or customize assets.
  5. Reference upload: allows you to download a CSV file which you can use to edit your references and cost centres for assets (only available for advanced subscriptions). Once the file has been edited, you can upload it again to modify several assets simultaneously.
  6. Subscriptions: please refer to the Subscriptions section above.
  7. Help: shows you support for basic functions and an explanation of all symbols used within Invoice Insights. If certain tiles are not clear, you can always click on the Question mark '?' icon icon in different sections to get an explanation.


Allows you to view advanced reporting over several months (for Advanced subscriptions only).

  1. A number of tiles with reports are by default added to your reporting window. Click on the Question mark '?' icon icon to view a description of each report.
  2. Tile management: allows you to customize which reports are shown in your reporting window.

What is not included in Invoice Insights?

  • An overview of the history of your payments and your outstanding balance in Mobile services invoices.
  • Device management is a separate feature that is not part of the billing domain. You can find device management in the Mobile asset management application.
  • You can activate or deactivate SIM cards, modify tariff plans and options or show your SIM card information online in the Configurations and options application.
  • The applications Mobile expenses and Mobile data usage offer real-time usage data.