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Problems with a hotspot?

Are you unable to surf on a Public Wi-Fi hotspot or do you have a poor-quality connection? Or conversely, do you remain connected for too long? Please find below the most common causes and the way to solve these problems.

You are unable to connect

Are you unable to connect to a  Public Wi-Fi hotspot? First make sure that you have activated your Wi-Fi function and that you are connected to the Proximus Public Wi-Fi network.

  • Is the Wi-Fi function activated on your device?
    The way to check this depends on the device itself. However, mobile phones and tablets usually have a network menu (in Settings) to manage data connections such as 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc.
    Please note that it might take a little time to log in. Depending on the type of modem, it may take you up to 30 seconds to establish a connection.
  • Are you connected to the right network?
    Check if you are connected to a Public Wi-Fi hotspot by making sure the network name (SSID) contains the word Proximus Public Wi-Fi.
  • Are you trying to connect abroad?
    Due to less frequent use of the Wi-Fi hotspots abroad, we have decided to discontinue the cooperation with our international partner FON. We notice that abroad, mobile data or WiFi in hotels are mainly used. From 01/01/2019, you will no longer be able to surf on the FON hotspots worldwide for free. In Belgium, however, you will continue to surf for free on Wi-Fi hotspots if you activate Public Wi-Fi. Within the EU, you do not pay any roaming charges anyway and you surf on 3G/4G just like in Belgium! Not satisfied? You can cancel free of charge.
  • Are you still unable to connect?
    Depending on the error message displayed on your screen, try the following solutions.
    • Too many users: there are too many connections set up on this Public Wi-Fi hotspot. We advise you to look for another Public Wi-Fi hotspot.
    • Session limit exceeded: you have reached the maximum amount of connections. Your account can only be used by one device at a time.
    • No such user: you have entered a wrong login. Reset your login or retrieve it in case you have forgotten it.
    • Bad password: you have entered a wrong password. You can reset your password in case you have forgotten it.
    • Server timeout: server not responding. Try again.
    • Unknown error: an error occurred. Try again.
    • Empty or unknown: a network error occurred. Try again.

Your connection is of poor quality or drops

In case of a poor-quality or dropped connection, try the following tips.

  • Do you have a poor-quality connection?
    If you are not close enough to a Public Wi-Fi hotspot or if too many people are using the same hotspot, move a couple of meters away. You can also try connecting to another Public Wi-Fi hotspot nearby.
  • Does your connection suddenly drop?
    If your device stays idle for more than 15 minutes, the connection will automatically be interrupted (unless you are using an Android device). Log in again to restore the connection.

You remain connected for too long

Does you device at home connect to Public Wi-Fi instead of your home network? This has very little negative impact on your surfing experience: both networks are nearly equally fast. So you don't have to do anything.

Are you no longer able to operate devices that are in your home network (such as media servers, printers, a SwipeBox, etc.)? In that case, first select your home network manually on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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