Ready for your installation?

How will your order be installed? We will explain it to you step by step.

When will you be contacted?

  • We will contact you by telephone to make an appointment for your installation (and if needed, for cabling work).
  • EXCEPTIONAL: Our technician carries out cabling work in your region. Access to your offices is not always needed, but to be sure, we ask you to be present.
  • Our technician contacts you 30 minutes before the installation.
  • Our technician installs and configures your services.

How to prepare for your installation?

To install and configure your services, our technician needs access to:

  • The room where the Proximus cables enter the building. This is usually a garage, technical room, or basement. The copper or fiber cables are the connection point between your company and Proximus.
  • The room where you want to place the devices (modem, router, etc.). This room must be equipped with:
    • UTP category 5e cabling or higher (e.g. cat6 or cat6a) between the room where the Proximus cables enter the building and the room where you want to place the devices.

      UTP cabling (Cat 5 or higher)
    • At least two power sockets (230V with grounding).
    • Sufficient space to place the devices. The devices are table models with the following dimensions (width x height x depth):
      • Modem: 280 x 210 x 55 mm
      • Router: 240 x 210 x 85 mm

Make sure the IT manager of your company is present or can be reached by phone. Your IT manager must set up the connections between your peripheral equipment (PCs, switches, firewalls, IP phones, cameras, etc.) and our router. To test the functioning of your services, this must be done during the installation.

Technical scheme for the connection of your equipment

Which actions will our technician carry out?

The steps prior to the installation depend on your connection:

Before our technician comes by, he will go to a nearby Proximus building (also called a Local Exchange) and connect the copper pair with a street cabinet.

From the street cabinet, a connection will be set up with your company. The technician will call you 30 minutes before the start of the installation.
Connection to the copper network

Our technician will come to you directly to carry out the installation. The fiber network is already present at your address.
Connection to the fiber network

OFP: Optimized Fiber Point
DTP: Distribution Termination Point

Afterwards, the Proximus technician will carry out the following actions:

  • Install, activate and configure your modem and router.
  • Perform quality tests to ensure your services function properly.
  • Personalize your configuration to your needs (e.g. enable DHCP, ports, LAN, etc.).

Do you have further questions? Contact us.