Security and use of enterprise applications in the cloud

What about my data? Is the cloud safe?

Have no fear. All your data is stored in Proximus data centers in Belgium, which are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data centers are equipped with alarm systems and manned by security guards. Only authorized personnel have access to the infrastructure. The whole infrastructure is set up redundantly across two different geographical sites in order to guarantee service continuity. Moreover, at the level of the physical infrastructure, your data and applications run in an isolated, virtual data center. Finally, we can implement state-of-art security and firewall architecture. Your data and applications will be as safe as in your own site, if not safer.

My applications won’t work in the cloud. How do I migrate them?

Proximus will work with your local IT integrator. If you don’t have an IT partner, or your current IT partner doesn't want to support your migration, we can propose a reliable IT partner from our extended partner network who will help you with the migration and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This way, you can concentrate on your core activities. We have never encountered a problem that’s impossible to resolve. What's more, many customers confirm that their applications work better in our cloud environment than they did before, which makes sense because our infrastructure is much more powerful than the majority of on-site servers.

I don't have access to my applications without Internet, do I?

That's right. But what if you get disconnected when you're right in the middle of something? Currently, Internet connectivity is guaranteed almost everywhere (Wi-Fi hotspots, 3G/4G). You are more likely to have a power cut than to get disconnected from the Internet. And just think of the advantage: with this configuration, you can work anywhere on any device equipped with an Internet connection.