Explanation of your mobile bill

You receive, as a business customer, a bill with only Proximus mobile numbers ? We give some explanation.
If you have (also) fixed line services, you get a different bill.

When you receive a bill, you may receive 3 types of documents:

  • the bill, detailing your subscriptions and the usage of your services. We send this every month.
  • a credit note. We only send this if you are entitled to an amount in your favor.
  • a payment statement for services provided by third parties. We will send this if, for example, you have called a premium-rate number or paid for a parking space by SMS.

Choose for which of these documents you would like an explanation. We show you each time an example.


Here is an explanation of the items as they appear on your bill.

Bill details

Address heading
bill data
  1. Customer account: This is your customer number. Use this number, as well as your mobile number, when you contact customer service.
  2. Bill date: You receive a bill on more or less the same day every month. It contains two recurring items each month:  the amount corresponding to your subscriptions for the past 30 days and any additional usage costs of the past 30 days.
  3. Customer address: This is your own address.
  4. Billing address: This is the address at which you want to receive your bill.

Your bill online

Via Invoice Insights, available on MyProximus, you can consult your bill online and check your usage. Click proximus.be/mybill.

Have you forgotten your MyProximus password? Set a new password.

Haven't registered for MyProximus yet? Register with your mobile phone number. You can register in a few steps.

Bill summary


overview of your bill

  1. Billing period: You are always billed for a period of 1 month (30 days on average). The start and end dates of this period are shown here.
  2. Other charges: These are charges which are billed only once, for a reactivation or reminder if you pay your bill too late.
  3. Subscriptions: This is the total of all your subscription amounts (mobile, tablet) for the past billing period.
  4. Usage: If, during the past billing period, you exceeded your call, text, and data allowance, you will find the total amount here. This amount varies per month, since it is linked to the usage of every mobile user (per minute, per MB data, etc.).
    • Want to know how much data each mobile number used? When was called to whom? And how much this cost? In MyProximus' Invoice Insights, you can consult your telephone traffic and your bills in detail.
  5. Mobile payments: If you used SMS parking or televoting, you will find the total amount here. The costs for using these services will be directly passed on to the third-party provider concerned. You find more details on mobile payments on the last pages of your bill.
  6. Total amount due:
    • All the amounts are first shown excluding VAT. The VAT is shown separately.
      Exception: reactivation and reminder fees (exempt from VAT).
  7. Due date:
    • Pay the amount on time, taking into account weekends and public holidays.

Other charges and credits

One time cost
other costs

Other charges and credits: These are charges which are billed only once, for a reactivation or reminder costs. Reactivation and reminder fees are exempt from VAT.

Subscriptions/bundles (breakdown)

subscription costs
  1. Subscriptions: This is the subscription amount, per mobile number or SIM card, for the past billing period.
  2. Summary of your products, product names, and options. Some products/services are free of charge (EUR 0.00) or deducted because they're included in your subscription or bundle.
  3. Prices in euro, excluding VAT: The subscription amount for the billing period.

Usage details

usage on your bill
  1. Usage: This groups all usage (calls, texts and data) for the past billing period.
  2. Usage abroad and international calls:
    •  Abroad: calls , texts and data (roaming). These are incoming calls and outgoing texts in a foreign country, and data (in MB) for surfing via a foreign mobile network. Check the rates before calling or surfing abroad. In most European countries, no roaming charges apply.
    • International calls. These are calls and outgoing text messages from Belgium to a foreign country and from Belgium to abroad. Check the rates.
  3. Have you exceeded the call, text, and data allowance in your bundle(s)? In that case, you will find an extra amount each time. Want to know when you surfed the Internet and who you called? You can check your bills in detail.

High usage?

Transfer to the following month

Transfer to the following month

Transfer to the following month: Transfers are no longer possible.

Credit note

example of a credit note
example of a credit note

Has a correction been made of a previous bill? In that case you have an amount in your favor.
You will receive a credit note for this.  Your credit will be automatically deducted from your current or upcoming bill or will be reimbursed separately. If you have a question about the credit note, create a ticket or contact us.

Services provided by third parties

Payment statement third-party services

third-party services: payment statement
third-party services: payment statement

  • If one of your employees has purchased, say, a parking ticket via SMS or an app, paid for a bus or tram ticket by SMS or called an 0900 number, you will see the total amount due for this.
  • The document you receive from us is not a bill but a payment statement, because Proximus is only the intermediary with regard to the services and the related fee. This means that you will have to pay this fee separately to Proximus, who transfers it to the provider.
  • You will find a detailed overview of these services on the next page.

In detail: services provided by third parties

Third-parties services: details
Services provided by third parties: details

If one of your employees has purchased, say, an SMS ticket for use on a bus or tram, or called a 0900 number, the itemized amount per provider, always inclusive of VAT, will be indicated, for each type of service.
  • The costs for using these services will be directly passed on to the third-party provider concerned.
  • If you need a separate bill (with VAT details) for this, or if you need more information about these purchases/services, please contact the third-party providers.
  • If you want to dispute an amount, contact the third-party provider. Only the latter will have all the required information and only the latter will be able to decide about a credit note.
  • If you wish to restrict or block certain pay-for numbers, pay-for text messages or mobile payments for your employees, please create a ticket or contact us.

If you have any other questions about your bill, please contact us.