TP-Link 4G router

4G Wi-Fi mobile router

The TP-Link 4G router allows you to enjoy a temporary Internet connection.


Install TP-Link 4G router in a few clicks:

Practical guide: installation (in French) Opens a new window

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When and how to return the TP-Link? You should return your TP-Link if your Internet connection via an Internet Box has been established or re-established, or if you no longer need the TP-Link. You will receive an e-mail explaining how to return your TP-Link free of charge via bpost.

In case of problems

First, check the three indicator lights on the front of the TP-Link. If only one is on, your TP-Link is not receiving the 4G signal properly. Try putting the TP-Link in a better spot, e.g. close to a window.

The TP-Link 4G router's indicator lights can help determine the source of the problem:

Practical Guide: Indicator lights (in French) Opens a new window

Is your problem still not resolved? Check out the FAQsOpens a new window on the TP-Link website.

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