Modernisation of the mobile network

You have received a communication that your mobile services might be interrupted due to works on our mobile network. What does this mean?

To support your activities, Proximus is doing everything necessary to improve, optimize and upgrade its networks. In order to prepare our mobile network for the future and to cope with growing usage and traffic, we are renewing our equipment. These are the advantages:

  • better coverage both indoors and outdoors;
  • a reduction in overall energy consumption;
  • less antennas, thus less visual pollution;
  • accelerate the rollout of 5G in Flanders and improve the quality of service. 

In concrete terms, Proximus will carry out works on its mobile network between July 2021 and December 2023. These works are carried out in phases, zone by zone, for the specified period. If there is a risk that these works will affect your services, we will inform you in advance. You do not have to do anything and any possible inconveniences will be kept to a minimum.

What is the impact on my services?

All fixed services (internet, TV and fixed telephony) are guaranteed to continue working. Mobile coverage in the region of the intervention will be significantly reduced or unavailable for up to 38 hours. Depending on your location, a Proximus antenna in your area may be temporarily unavailable. You can see an overview on the map below.

Tip: to be kept informed of various planned works, subscribe to our mailing list (LINK TO BE ADDED).

You want to remain optimally reachable? You can either divert calls to your landline or activate VoWiFiOpens a new window on certain devices.  Emergency calls via your mobile are always possible and, if necessary, are made automatically via one of the other operators.  If you have limited coverage and need to contact the emergency services urgently, please dial 112 instead of 100 or 101.

Mobile Indoor Coverage devices

Do you use a Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro), repeater, base station or modem via the mobile network? You can check the impact of the works on these devices below.

Your Mobile Coverage Extender will not be affected by these works. At the end of the work in your area, there is a chance that you will no longer need the Mobile Coverage Extender because of better coverage. Turn the Mobile Coverage Extender off and on to see if you can still make or receive mobile calls.

The Proximus repeater solutions (Small Proxicells) amplify the signal picked up by the outdoor antenna of the repeater installation. Consequently, the repeater will experience the same hindrance as the outdoor pylon where the planned works are taking place.

The Proximus indoor base station solutions (Medium or large Proxicells) will not be affected during the planned works. For these indoor base station solutions, an agreement will be made with you when the migration of the existing equipment can take place.

The 2G, 3G and 4G modems that are used for Mobile Explore services will, just like other mobile devices, be affected for the duration of the planned works as mentioned above. However, there is a good chance that there will be no impact due to a neighbouring pylon taking over in full or in part.