Jack & Jack :60 with (Vevo) Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky have been best buds for 16 years – since they met on their first day of kindergarten in Omaha, Nebraska. They’ve always shared their creativity with each other, and as Jack & Jack they went viral with comedy clips on Vine in 2013, then turned their efforts to musicmaking. The duo made a splash sharing videos and streams and a year later “Wild Life” hit the charts a few months after they graduated from high school. Jack & Jack celebrated their move to LA with the 2015 EP 'Calibraska' and a hot string videos, and have done collabs with Emblem3, Madison Beer, and Sammy Wilk. Their new 'GONE' EP is accompanied by a 19-minute video featuring all five songs. In our “:60 With” session, the guys run the questions on themselves. Favorite place to zone out, favorite piece of art? Jump in and find out. Jack & Jack on Vevo: https://www.vevo.com/artist/jack-jack Get the Vevo App! http://smarturl.it/vevoapps http://facebook.com/vevo http://twitter.com/vevo http://instagram.com/vevo http://vevo.tumblr.com Jack & Jack https://twitter.com/jackandjackreal https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJack... https://vine.co/JackAndJackOfficial https://instagram.com/jackandjack http://www.twitter.com/JackJ http://www.twitter.com/JackGilinsky http://www.instagram.com/JackJ http://www.instagram.com/JackGilinsky http://vevo.ly/BhhUcw