Some connections make sense from the get-go. When Seattle MC Gifted Gab (Gabrielle Kadushin) threw down with Blimes Brixton (the former Oh Blimey, who was born Sam McDonald) the sparks flew right away. The pass the mic like few before them, their skills and chemistry talking the music to another level, and turning lots of heads in the process. Like ours. When Vevo saw the vid for "Come Correct" we knew we had to get the ladies into our booth for some spitting and storytelling. And yes, you need to stick around for the tale of a crazy-ass Seattle incident that bonded them. Great 'Live at Vevo' performance ahead. Come for the bars, stay for the vibe. Producer: Jayson Rodriguez Watch Blimes Brixton on Vevo: Watch Gifted Gab on Vevo: Hot New Hip-Hop videos: New Music Videos: Get the Vevo App! Vevo Blimes Brixton Gifted Gab