When he's not splashing millions of bucks around hotel rooms, Blac Youngsta is making wild tracks and strong vids. From "Heavy" to "Beat It" to "Hip Hopper" the Memphis MC has a way of clownin' that wins you over quick. His "Booty" vid plops into a sea of big ole butts, a party visual both silly and surreal. To celebrate its success, we invited Youngsta to take our rapid-fire interview. Find out who the last person to DM him was, whether he's down with PlayStation or X-Box, and which artist he like to collaborate with in the future. Watch Blac Youngsta on Vevo: http://vevo.com/artist/blac-youngsta Producer: Jayson Rodriguez Watch New Hip-Hop Videos: http://bit.ly/2og6bmD New Music Videos: http://www.vevo.com Get the Vevo App! http://smarturl.it/vevoapps Vevo http://facebook.com/vevo http://twitter.com/vevo http://instagram.com/vevo http://vevo.tumblr.com Blac Youngsta https://twitter.com/BlacYoungstaFB https://www.instagram.com/blacyoungstafb https://www.facebook.com/BlacYoungsta http://blacyoungstamusic.com/ http://vevo.ly/3QQfGA