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Modify your existing Pack
Your situation has changed? Adapt your current Pack and add your mobile subscriptions, fixed line or your Proximus TV in a Tuttimus Pack and profit from a max of advantages !
Internet + TV

Opt for Internet and TV and benefit from 300 GB, more than 80 channels, TV Replay to go back up to 36 hours and Proximus TV app.

Internet + TV + Mobile

Surf superfast with a monthly volume of 300 GB, unlimited calling minutes from €25/month and more than 80 channels with Proximus TV. That and much more with Internet + TV + Mobile!

Proximus TV

Discover the advantages: more than 80 channels in digital quality and thematic packages on all your screens and a great TV experience thanks to SwipeBox, TV Replay,…

Enjoy Internet, wherever you are : at home ot on the move thanks to an ultrafast internet and Wi-Fi Hotspots. Moreover, benefit of the mobile Internet volume included in your subscription.
Fixed line

Choose a Free Calls National and make free calls during evening, weekends and public holidays. Call every fixed line in Belgium at the same rate.

Mobile Internet

Surf on your tablet or laptop anywhere in Belgium while enjoying our 3G and 4G network quality.