The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Are you up for a serving of horror, doused with a hefty supply of suspense? Then you'll love The Walking Dead. This acclaimed American series is fraught with tension and leaves nothing to the imagination. The visual effects, just like the bloody scenes and flesh-eating zombies, will take your breath away.

The apocalypse is always lurking around the corner in The Walking Dead. Zombies have overrun the world and the “survivors” do their utmost to fight back. Make sure you're sitting comfortably for this thrilling series, and don't forget to fasten your seatbelt!




44 minutes



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The Walking Dead: survivors vs. zombies

The battle between zombies and survivors is the main theme of The Walking Dead. The chase scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. When a survivor is scratched or bitten by a zombie, their fate is sealed and they are doomed to die.

The Walking Dead

Living on the edge

For the characters of The Walking Dead, life has been reduced to mere survival. And they don’t just have the zombies to contend with, but also other groups of survivors. “Survival of the fittest” is an understatement in this hit series. Add rampant deprivation and intrigue to the mix, and you begin to understand why the characters have to use every imaginable technique to save their skins.

The Walking Dead



The Walking Dead

Season 1

After being shot, Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens from a coma in a hospital. Outside, he is confronted with absolute devastation: bodies rotting in the street and no sign of any living being. Even his wife and son have vanished without a trace. Zombies have seized power and want to eradicate the human race. Rick escapes to Atlanta, where a group of survivors has set up camp outside the city. Yet relations become strained and feelings start to run high.

The Walking Dead

Season 2

Hunted by the zombies, the survivors try to organize themselves as best they can. They find a new hideout but their plans are thwarted when Sophia goes missing. Meanwhile, conflicts arise between the characters as they struggle to just stay alive. The season ends with the zombies closing in on them.

The Walking Dead

Season 3

Physical and mental exhaustion take their toll on the survivors, who have been on the run for months. They eventually find shelter in a prison. An all-out war erupts between the group and the governor of Woodbury, a safe hideout with about 70 people. When Rick is about to enter into negotiations he smells a rat and clashes break out between Woodbury and the survivors. In the battlefield, casualties fall on both sides.


The Walking Dead
Andrew Lincoln
Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead
Chandler Riggs
Carl Grimes

The Walking Dead
Lauren Cohan
Maggie Greene

The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus
Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead
Melissa McBride
Carol Peletier

The Walking Dead
Steven Yeun
Glen Rhee

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