The Mentalist

The Mentalist

You’re probably thinking: not another police series! Yet, The Mentalist is different from the rest because of its surprising plot twists and the charming character of Patrick Jane, played brilliantly by Simon Baker. A high-quality drama series you can’t afford to miss!

The Mentalist



43 minutes

Thriller, drama


Target group
Teens and adults

Red John

Patrick Jane, a successful former “mentalist” or psychic medium, starts working for the California Bureau of Investigation in order to find the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter two years earlier. When Jane publically humiliates serial killer Red John on a TV show, the latter takes it as a challenge. This sparks off a cat-and-mouse game with no apparent end in sight.

The Mentalist

A bizarre mindset

The protagonist of The Mentalist is an odd character. For example, he has a habit of placing a cup of tea in the houses of victims. But his rather bizarre behavior also has its benefits: it allows him to get closer to the truth and solve mysteries more easily. Occasionally, he dares to hypnotize witnesses, suspects, and even members of his team. He also has a blatant disregard for protocol.

The Mentalist


The Mentalist

Season 5

In a new season of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane becomes obsessed with finding Red John. He comes closer than ever to discovering the true identity of this serial killer. When Homeland Security and the FBI team up with the CBI to work on the case, the fat hits the fire. The fifth season includes the iconic 100th episode!

The Mentalist

Season 6

Patrick Jane and the CBI get closer to catching the elusive serial killer Red John. Jane has narrowed down the list of suspects to seven people, confirmed by the murderer himself. When the CBI is forced to halt to its activities, Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon and the rest of the team start working with the FBI, where they are given a string of crimes to solve. Full-on suspense!

The Mentalist

Season 7

Mastermind Patrick Jane returns in the final season. He hasn’t worked for the past two years and has been living in isolation since giving up the search for Red John, the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter. Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon have finally declared their love for each other. They both work for the FBI now, and a new serial killer crosses their path…


The Mentalist
Simon Baker
Patrick Jane

The Mentalist
Robin Tunney
Teresa Lisbon

The Mentalist
Tim Kang
Kimball Cho

The Mentalist
Owain Yeoman
Wayne Rigsby

The Mentalist
Amanda Righetti
Grace Van Pelt

The Mentalist
Rockmond Dunbar
Dennis Abbott

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