The Killing

The Killing

Fans of Scandinavian crime series need no introduction to Sarah Lund – or her legendary wooly jumpers. On Netflix, you can catch the American version of the immensely popular series The Killing. The special ingredients of this hit series: a female police inspector with an autistic streak, an unsolved murder mystery, and a good dose of social commentary (politics and the media also feature in the story, though not always in a good way)




45 min.

Thriller, drama


Target group

Murder investigation

Sarah Linden, a police inspector in Seattle, is starting her last day of work at the police station. Together with her son Jack, she is finally moving in with her new boyfriend in Sonoma. Sarah has just finished packing her things when a call comes in and she is drawn into a new case involving a missing girl, Rosie Larsen.

The Killing

From Seattle to... Seattle?

A blood-stained sweater leads to a car in which the body of Rosie Larsen is found. This and the fact that the car is linked to a local politician make Sarah more resolute than ever. She can't get the Larsen case out of her mind. The move to Sonoma will have to wait... and so must Sarah’s son and her boyfriend.

The Killing



The Killing

Season 1

The murder of Rosie Larsen immediately raises questions. How exactly is the car in which her body was found linked to candidate-for-mayor Darren Richmond? What information are Rosie's friends hiding? Sarah Linden and her partner Stephen Holder sink their teeth into the Larsen case and reach the conclusion that this drama involves far more people than Rosie's mourning family.

The Killing

Season 2

We zoom in on Darren Richmond's involvement in the case. To what extent is his electoral campaign tied up with the murder of Rosie Larsen? Is the attempt on his life part of a bigger conspiracy? Richmond himself and Sarah Linden dig deeper, and the Larsen case is eventually solved.

The Killing

Season 3

A year after the Larsen case, Stephen Holder approaches Sarah Linden with a new murder investigation. Sarah is no longer working for the police, but her curiosity is piqued. Especially when there appears to be a link with a past case she worked on.


The Killing
Mireille Enos
Sarah Linden

The Killing
Joel Kinnaman
Stephen Holder

The Killing
Billy Campbell
Darren Richmond

The Killing
Liam James
Jack Linden

The Killing
Michelle Forbes
Mitch Larsen

The Killing
Brent Sexton
Stan Larsen

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