New on Netflix: The Crown

Queen Elizabeth II: not only the world's longest reigning monarch, but also the longest reigning monarch ever in the United Kingdom. Enough material for an intriguing series about the joys and sorrows of the British monarchy. You can expect more than the boring, familiar story. "The Crown" delves much deeper, in search of the person behind Elizabeth II.

In the 10 episodes of the first season, we find out more about the first years of her reign, starting from her marriage in 1947.


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The Queen who didn't want to be Queen…

The Crown new on Netflix

A look behind closed doors

As a child, she never dreamed of becoming Queen. But she doesn’t have a choice. And in such turbulent times too. The Second World War has just ended, and the monarchy's popularity has never been so low. And then there's the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, to contend with.

Power and privilege are the key themes in this series, which is based on true events. But, for the first time, we also get a look at the private life of the Queen. For example, how did her relationship with her husband, Prince Philip, evolve?

The Crown new on Netflix

Down to the smallest detail – awesome 

But Netflix didn't take any risks with its very first British Netflix Original. Peter Morgan, the writer of the series, is the brains behind the movie “The Queen” and the theater play “The Audience”, both of which are about the monarchy.

From the very beginning it's clear that great care was taken to get every detail exactly right. Not just the incredible costumes and realistic Royal jewels, but especially the huge sets and the shots of Cambridge and London.

The Crown new on Netflix

“Downton Abbey” meets “House of Cards”

In some ways, the series makes you think of another top series, “Downton Abbey”. But with this series, a juicy chunk of politics has been added, “House of Cards” style. A combination you’re sure to devour!

We already know for almost certain that “The Crown” will be continued. There should be six seasons in total, to portray the entire period of her reign in detail.


The Crown new on Netflix
Claire Foy
Queen Elizabeth II

The Crown  new on Netflix
Matt Smith
Prince Philip

The Crown new on Netflix
Jared Harris
King George VI

The Crown new on Netflix
Vanessa Kirby
Princess Margaret

The Crown new on Netflix
John Lithgow
Winston Churchill

The Crown new on Netflix
Greg Wise
Lord Louis Mountbatten

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