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What is there to experience?



Bumba in Australia

Are you coming along to Australia? Grab hold of your friend Bumba and travel to the other side of the world with him! The circus of Walalu is there.

Bumba in the Far West

This time Bumba lands in the wonderful country of America. Bumba is in love with Poncha, his new girlfriend. They play tennis, go horse riding and make popcorn together.

Bumba in space

Bumba in space

Bumba flies through space with his circus friends in search of nice planets. He lands on new worlds and meets spaceman Arro.


The "Nachtwacht", a supernatural trio (Vladimir, Wilco and Keelin) with magic powers, and their magical mentor Vega. They all live in the village of Schemermeer, which is also a portal from which beings from the underworld often emerge, usually in human shape.


The three female singers experience all sorts of adventures while on a world tour in their tour bus with their pop band K3. Their tour manager Maxime even takes them to the Bahamas!

K3 Loft

In "welcome to K3" we see the K3 members gather in an empty loft. There are only removal boxes there with K3 marked on them.

K3 Dance Studio

Dance and shake along in the "K3 Dance Studio"! Hanne, Klaasje and Marthe learn the choreography of a K3 refrain in each episode.


Studio 100 GO Pass is an option aimed at TV customers who access their content not only via TV, but also on a smartphone and tablet via the Studio 100 GO app (available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store) and via the website www.studio100go.com. TV is available in a Pack with a landline starting from €41.99/month.

Option also available for customers who have a Proximus mobile subscription and access their content using the Studio 100 GO app (available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store) and via the website www.studio100go.com on a PC or Mac. Studio 100 GO Pass is also included in the All Kids option. Offer subject to changes imposed by Studio 100.

Try one month: 1  TV option for free trial during 1 month : personal offer valid from 23/04/2019 until 31/12/2019 1 single time for every residential TV subscriber that subscribes to a new tv bundle free of choice. After the first month the option becomes paying and is prolonged for indefinite term. You can unsubscribe from the option at any time free of charge. Cannot be combined with other actions or promotions. Proximus reserves itself the right to extend or stop the promotion earlier. Info and conditions sur www.proximus.be.

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