Safe use of mobile phone

Responsible use

How to use my mobile phone safely

Road safety

Using a mobile phone while driving significantly increases the risk of an accident – by 75% with the mobile in your hand, and by 24% with an earpiece.

How to use my mobile phone safely

Tips for reducing your exposure to electromagnetic waves

  • Use an earpiece.
  • Send SMS messages or e-mails.
  • Telephone in areas with good reception: the more bars you see on the phone’s display, the less wave it will produce.
  • Find out the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value of your phone. The SAR is a unit for measuring the quantity of electromagnetic energy that is absorbed by the body when a mobile phone emits at maximum power.

How to use my mobile phone safely

In Case of Emergency

ICE is the acronym of In Case of Emergency, a program that aims to help first-aiders (such as paramedics, firefighters, and police officers) contact a victim's family in order to obtain important medical information.

This encourages people to enter a contact under the name "ICE" in their mobile phone book, in order to save the phone number of the person they want to be notified in case of an accident.

I am OK! application

I am OK! is an application that allows you, by one single click on your Smartphone, to tell your relatives that you are OK. The application will send a message with your location to Facebook and Twitter as well as by SMS to the persons you’ve previously selected.

Perfect when you plan to go to a crowded place such as festival, concerts, sport events or simply to re-assure your friends and family in 1 click. ​

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