You can replay what you’ve missed. Free of charge in the Proximus Packs!

*Free for all customers who have a Pack with Proximus TV on sale since 2012. If you have an older Pack, we recommend to change your Pack to a more recent one and use TV Replay free of charge.

You can also activate TV Replay+ via your TV set, simply press the blue button and select TV Replay+.

TV when you want it

TV Replay for all!

As a Proximus TV customer, you automatically enjoy TV Replay for free. Don’t miss your favourite programs anymore: watch them up to 36 hours after broadcast.

In your TV guide

Quickly recognise all available programmes with TV Replay and TV Replay+ in the TV guide, they are indicated with this symbol: All the info you need in a glance!

Let’s be honest

For certain programmes, it will not be possible to replay them, it depends on the authorizations. In this case, you’ll see: You can still go back to the beginning during the broadcast itself.

TV Replay on the move

Go back in time and watch your shows on computer, tablet and smartphone also, wherever you are! Indoors or outdoors, watch TV when it suits you.

TV Replay and TV Replay+ are available on various channels

RTL TVI, RTL TVI HD, Plug RTL, Plug RTL HD, Club RTL, Club RTL HD, La Une, La Une HD, La Deux, La Deux HD, La Trois, La Trois HD, AB3, AB3 HD, één, één HD, Canvas, Canvas HD, Ketnet, vtm, vtm HD, vtmKzoom, Jim, Vitaya, 2BE, 2BE HD, VIER, VIER HD, VIJF, VIJF HD, anne, Acht and also Proximus 11 and Proximus 11+ HD.

On the road, watch these channels using TV Replay or TV Replay+ via the Proximus TV mobile application
(or TV Partout if you don't yet benefit from the new Proximus TV experience)

RTL TVI HD, Plug RTL HD, Club RTL HD, La Une HD, La Deux HD, La Trois HD, AB3 HD, éen HD, Canvas HD, Ketnet HD, vtm HD, vtmKzoom, Jim, Vitaya, 2BE HD, Vier HD, VIJF HD, Acht, Proximus 11 and Proximus 11+.

TV Replay in short

You’ve missed the beginning of your favorite show or simply forgot to record a program?

  • Go back up to 36 hours in your TV guide to view the programs of more than 30 channels.
  • TV Replay is included in the Packs and is automatically installed on your decoder.
  • In a hurry? You can also fast forward in a replayed program with TV Replay+ (€5 / month).
These options are also available on your PC, smartphone and tablet with the Proximus TV app

Get inspired


Promotional conditions

First month for free of charge. Offer valid from 01/01/2016 till 31/03/2016.

General conditions

TV Replay (free in Pack as from 01/06/2015) and TV Replay+ (€5/month) are options for Proximus TV customers. There is already a Pack with Proximus TV for €35.75 /month (Proximus TV + fixed line). TV Replay and TV Replay+ not available for Scarlet customers.
The availability of TV programs and TV Replay depends on the television channels and any authorizations they may have received to exploit said programs. Also available on a PC, tablet, and smartphone via TV Partout. The list of channels available on TV Replay on Proximus TV and TV Partout, and the special conditions, can be found on www.proximus.be/tvreplay. Prices include VAT.

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