Protecting my child

I protect my child against inappropriate content

Protecting my child

I want to block inappropriate content on the TV

Violent TV series, explicit scenes, adult films... You'd rather your child didn't see them. That's why Proximus TV is provided by default with parental control which you can adapt according to your own preferences. So you get to choose which types of movies and programs your child can watch.

Moreover, you always have to enter a PIN code when you rent a movie on demand. This code is different to the parental-control code and is activated by default. Don't forget to change this code – that way, you increase the security.

Protecting my child

I want to block inappropriate content on GSM, smartphone or tablet

To ensure your child is not confronted with inappropriate content, and to avoid bill and payment statement shocks, you can block SMS and MMS messages with adult content for free.

To do so, call our customer service toll-free at 6000 using your mobile phone, or at 078 05 6000 from a landline in Belgium. You can also change your preferences via MyProximus.

Protecting my child

Making your tablet and smartphone child friendly

Children are crazy about tablets and smartphones. With the right settings, they can give your children hours of enjoyment. Below are a few tips for making your device child friendly:

  1. Protect your smartphone or tablet with a personal code, which you activate in the settings of your device.
  2. Protect your SIM card with a password or PIN code, which you activate in the settings of your device.
  3. Protect your apps with a password, or download an app that allows you to secure the other apps. Ex: Smart App Protector.
  4. You can protect the access to the app store (e.g. Google Play Store and App Store) with a password.
  5. Install a child-friendly Internet browser.

Protecting my child

I want to block paying text messages

Has your child accidentally activated a paying service for ringtones, competitions, etc.? This is annoying because your child will keep receiving expensive text messages.

You can stop this service by simply texting STOP to the short number of the sender. This way, you unsubscribe your child from the paying service and will not have to pay for sent and received text messages in the future.

I protect my child against mobile phone waves

I choose a mobile phone with a lower SAR value

Every mobile phone we launch on the market satisfies the exposure limits established by law, also known as the Specific Absorption Ratio (SAR). SAR gives the maximum radiation level that a user can be exposed to while calling. In Europe, the maximum authorized SAR value is 2 W/kg. All mobile phones offered by Proximus satisfy this limit. The mobiles intended for teens have an even lower SAR value. You will find the SAR value of a mobile phone on the price tag in the shop or on the Internet.

Protecting my child

A few tips for reducing exposure to mobile phone radiation

  • Encourage your child to use an earpiece.
    This reduces exposure to radio waves and offers more user convenience.
  • Hold the mobile phone away from your head when you call.
  • Tell your child to call in places with good reception.
    The reception quality is indicated by the number of stripes on the display of the phone. The more stripes, the better the signal, and the lower the radiation.
  • Don't call when you can send a text message instead.

Protecting my child

Safer Internet

Protecting my child

A few tips to enhance your child security on the web

Together with Child Focus and Microsoft, every year we give over 10,000 children training on safe Internet use We teach them about the dangers of the Internet, and lay the foundations for responsible Internet use.

It is important that you also start an open dialog with your child. On the website www.clicksafe.be you will find lots of useful tips to help you guide your child on the Internet.

There are special search engines to ensure that your child surfs in complete safety. They allow your child to easily look for games and other content for children, while protecting your child by blocking access to inappropriate websites.

Examples of kids’search engines:

Protecting my child

Our security solutions

In addition, you can install parental control and/or a program to block viruses and spam.

We are happy to offer this protection at a special rate. We therefore recommend the Norton PC Security option. It allows you to surf and use your e-mail without the risk of viruses or cyber attacks.

Protect your identity against cyber criminals and make purchases or perform banking operations online in complete security.

Protecting my child

A hypermarket at home

The Internet is a huge hypermarket in the home. Children can find information about all the subjects that interest them, photos, music, ringtones, videos, software, etc.

But certain rules should be followed on the Internet:

  • Anyone can post information on the Internet, so just because it's there doesn't mean it's reliable. It should be checked with reliable reference sites.
  • Not everything is free on the Internet, and sometimes you have to pay: downloading music or movies for free is illegal, even if "everyone does it".
  • Also be careful with downloads via a mobile. Children are not always aware of the costs of the services they purchase.

Useful link:

Protecting my child


Meetings on the web are impossible to avoid. Teens in particular are very fond of chat forums, social networks, blogs, etc. The majority of meetings are harmless, but it is wise for them to take the following precautions:

  • Choose a good pseudonym, which does not reveal their age or sex.
  • Never post any personal data, such as age, address, etc.
  • Use the webcam only with close friends.
  • Immediately disconnect and block a suspicious person.
  • If they want to meet a virtual friend for real, they should do so in a public place, tell someone they trust about the meeting, or even go with a friend.

Protecting my child

Cyber bullying

Insults, spreading of rumors, hacking a mailbox or even sending a virus – bullying on the web can be extremely hurtful and must therefore be taken seriously by parents. The first step is to reassure your child and to block the e-mails or texts sent by the bully. You can also file a complaint (www.ecops.be) but for that you need "proof". It is therefore useful to teach your child to make a print screen in case of problems!

Loss of my mobile phone

I protect my child when his or her mobile is stolen

Has your child's mobile phone been stolen? No need to panic. With your phone number and the mobile's IMEI code, we can block the phone and the SIM card in just a few minutes. Notify our customer service at and we will make sure that the mobile phone can no longer be used on the Proximus network. This way, you protect your child's personal data and prevent misuse.

Protecting my child

Where do I find the IMEI code?

The IMEI code is the serial number of your phone and consists of 15 digits.

  • Look at the proof of purchase or guarantee of your mobile phone
  • Type in the short number *#06# and press "Send". Shortly afterwards you will receive a text message with the IMEI code
  • Remove the battery of the mobile phone. On the back you will see a label with the IMEI code

We advise you to note down the IMEI code right after you purchase the phone, so you have it at hand in case you need it.

Protecting my child

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