Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Newsflash: if you thought the American high-school drama was dead and buried with Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990s, you’re wrong – the genre is indestructible. In Pretty Little Liars, the girls are pretty, the boys are brawny, and the storylines exciting. The question is: Who is “A”?




60 minutes

Drama, Thriller


Target group

A mysterious murder

Rosewood is a peaceful village where nothing special ever happens. Until the most popular girl in school, Alison Montgomery, disappears in a mysterious way. Her four girlfriends are left behind with a lot of unanswered questions. One year after Alison’s disappearance, the police discover that she was murdered. At the same time, her girlfriends start receiving mysterious threatening text messages from “A”. But who is “A”, and how does he or she know so much about the girls?

Pretty Little Liars

LGB issues and the perils of love

The “liars” each have their own problems and insecurities. Aria (Lucy Hale) has a secret relationship with her English teacher, Hanna feels insecure as the loser of the group, Emily struggles with her feelings for women, and Spencer develops a drug addiction. These secondary storylines make Pretty Little Liars the perfect teen series: an exciting main plot, with a focus on the typical struggles of teenage life that we are all familiar with. Familiarity, entertainment, and exceptional suspense. After the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode, you’ll be hooked!

Pretty Little Liars



Little Pretty Liars

Season 4

In this season, the friends hone their investigative skills when another body is discovered in Rosewood. They go so far with their murder investigation and the lies they tell to keep everything secret, that they start to turn into suspects themselves. And if that wasn’t enough, “A” makes another appearance...

Little Pretty Liars

Season 5

After an exciting, nerve-racking grand finale in season 4, season 5 continues in the same vein. Why has Caleb, Hanna’s ex, changed so much? And what is Melissa, Spencer’s older sister, trying to hide? The “liars” do some more digging and a few familiar faces return to Rosewood. Don’t miss this season because it includes the absolute must-see 100th episode!

Little Pretty Liars

Season 6

Another traumatic experience for Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily, who are taken hostage by “A” in a life-size doll’s house. Luckily, they manage to escape. But then the real work begins: discovering the true identity of “A”. Will the “liars” ever see an end to their torment?


Pretty Little Liars
Troian Bellisario
Spencer Hastings

Pretty Little Liars
Ashley Benson
Hanna Marin

Pretty Little Liars
Lucy Hale
Aria Montgomery

Pretty Little Liars
Shay Mitchell
Emily Fields

Pretty Little Liars
Sasha Pieterse
Alison Rollins

Pretty Little Liars
Ian Harding
Ezra Fitz

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