Orphan Black

Orphan Black

When Sarah Manning accidentally witnesses a suicide, her life changes dramatically. The woman who throws herself in front of the train looks just like her. Sarah, a rather streetwise woman with a troubled past, decides to assume the woman’s identity: Sarah Manning becomes Beth Childs, a police officer. She soon discovers that Beth was not her long-lost twin but rather… her clone.




44 minutes

Science fiction, thriller


Target group

Clone conspiracy

What initially appears to be the solution to all her problems (Beth Child’s bank account is full, unlike hers) turns into a veritable nightmare. Sarah does some digging and discovers that there are no fewer than eight clones of her walking around. What’s more, someone wants Sarah and her “sisters” dead. But that’s not the only thing that makes this “clonespiracy” so gripping.

Orphan Black

Star in the making

Actress Tatiana Maslany received lots of well-earned praise for her performance in Orphan Black. After all, she plays Sarah Manning as well as all her cloned versions, giving each character its own voice, depth and meaning. Each episode of Orphan Black ends with a cliffhanger and the plot is engrossing, but the series also makes you think: what if people could actually be cloned? Something to discuss at the pub after some binge watching!

Orphan Black


Orphan Black

Season 1

Sarah Manning is an orphan hardened by life. One day, she sees a woman throw herself in front of a train. The woman looks just like her. She decides to assume her identity. Sarah Manning becomes Beth Childs and gets a new boyfriend and a job as a police officer into the bargain. But then she discovers the real reason behind the likeness between Beth and herself: they are both part of a cloning experiment.

Orphan Black

Season 2

Sarah discovers not only that there are several clones of her but that she also has a daughter. The search for Kira is not exactly plain sailing, but Sarah is helped by her clones and allies Alison and Cosima. Her foster brother Felix is also happy to finally be able to play a role in Sarah’s life. Will Sarah manage to protect herself and her clones from their assailants?

Orphan Black

Season 3

Who are the male clones, where do they come from, and how are they related to Sarah and her sister clones? Sarah and her partners in crime will have to team up if they want to withstand all the threats to them and uncover the mysteries...


Orphan Black
Tatiana Maslany
Sarah Manning

Orphan Black
Jordan Gavaris
Felix Dawkins

Orphan Black
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Siobhan Sadler

Orphan Black
Skyler Wexler

Orphan Black
Dylan Bruce
Paul Dierden

Orphan Black
Kristian Bruun
Donnie Hendrix

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