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Frequently asked questions

Fiber on facade

Frequently asked questions

Fiber on facade

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Why should I opt for fiber?

With fiber you can surf, watch content in streaming, game and/or work at the speed of light! You benefit from an ultra-high-speed Internet connection. Image sharpness is perfect on all your screens and the quality of the connection remains top-notch, no matter how many people or devices are connected to the Internet at the same time. What's more, the fact that an ultra-fast fiber connection is available in your home may increase its value, according to a study commissioned by the Fiber to the Home Council Americas*. For more info, visit our fiber pages.

*An interest group which brings together optical fiber companies and broadband Internet providers.

Do I have to pay for the installation of the fiber cable?

No, the installation of the fiber cable is free of charge during the works. In addition to this, you don't have to be present during the installation and this does not imply any commitment to purchase a fiber subscription.

What will happen to the old copper network after the new fiber network is installed?

The current copper network will be decommissioned after the works.
At a later stage, we will contact the person living in the house or building (you or your tenant) to arrange the transfer of his current Proximus services (landline, Internet, digital TV) to the new fiber network.

Will ladders be put up against my wall?

No, we will use a lift.

Are the fiber cables under tension?

No, they are not under tension.

Can I paint the fiber cables?

Yes, that's not a problem.

Am I responsible for the cable and what happens if it's damaged?

If you notice any damage on the cable, please inform us as quickly as possible. You can either call us at 0800 33 007 or visit a Proximus Center near you. Of course, you are not responsible for any damage caused by climatic conditions or any other external factor.

My home recently became a listed building. What should I do?

For safety reasons, please inform us about this. You can either call us at 0800 33 007 or visit a Proximus Center near you.

Do you have any more questions or would you like more information about fiber?

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  • New construction: 0800 33 234

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