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New decoder

Frequently asked questions

When and how will I receive this new decoder?

The postman of bpost will deliver this new decoder at your home (at the installation address of your current TV line). In case you are not home, the postman will leave a note in your mailbox to inform you that you can collect your decoder at the postal office during 2 weeks.

What happens if I’m not home when the postman comes to deliver the decoder?

No worry, the postman will put a little note in your mailbox to inform you that you can collect it at your local postal office during 2 weeks. Bring this note with you when visiting the postal office. That’s easier for the postal office clark.

How should I install this new decoder?

You’ll find an installation manual in the box of the decoder.

When should I install this new decoder?

You can install it as soon as you can, when it suits you best, for instance during the weekend.

What are the benefits for the testers?

As a tester, you will enjoy the following benefits: free renting of this test-decoder until 31/07/18 + free TV Replay+ until 31/07/18 + 10 free video on demand credits (+ 5 free video on demand credits per e-survey sent back). The first videos on demand rented will be free of charge. You can save up to 20 free videos on demand.

Should I replace my current decoder or keep my current decoder as is and install this new decoder on a 2nd TV set ?

You can choose what you prefer. You will have 2 decoders: your current one and the test device. Either you replace your current decoder by this new one or you install the new one as a 2nd decoder on another TV set. Up to you to decide.

Can I keep my current decoder on 1 TV set and connect this new decoder to another TV set ?

Yes, you can. Normally your access line allows you to connect an extra Tv set to TV.

What will I pay for this decoder?

During the test period you’ll pay nothing for the test-decoder. The renting price will be deducted from your invoice. At the end of the test-period you will receive an e-mail in order to remind you about the fact that the test-period will end on 31/07/18 and that you have the choice between sending back (for free) your old decoder, or sending back (for free) the test-decoder –both possibilities without impact on your invoice- or keeping both and pay an extra decoder renting.

Can I watch Netflix UHD movies & episodes of series with this new decoder?

Yes, you can. Of course, you need the right Netflix subscription (for 4 devices & UHD) and a TV set which allows 4k/UHD (& complies with the HDCP 2,2 & HDMI 2,0 standards)

How much bandwidth will I need to play out other UHD content?

At the beginning, for other 4k/UHD content than Netflix or youtube, a line with minimum 50 Mbps bandwidth will be required, but this bandwidth requirement will gradually be reduced to enable UHD/4k play-out on lower bandwidth lines over time.

By when will Proximus offer Tv channels & movies in UHD/4k?

This will come later. Proximus will inform his customers when this type of content will become available.

Will this decoder support other image quality evolutions?

Proximus always wants to follow the new technological evolutions regarding image quality as closely as possible. So, we are -of course- following & putting in place the enablers for evolutions such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) etc.

This new decoder has a menu that is slightly different from your current decoder.

Yes, for the time being these new improvements are not yet available on the new decoder. Please bear with us a little longer, we're working on it.

The improvements in question are the following:

  • The episodes of series in chronological order.
  • A makeover of the on demand catalog.
  • Direct access to the Passes (Studio 100 GO Pass, Movies & Series Pass, ...) via menu> my library.

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