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Cocaine, power games, violence and intrigue. From beginning to end, Narcos is packed with suspense. In two seasons, the series chronicles the true story of Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord who at the height of his power, together with the Medellín cartel, controlled about 80 percent of the global drug trade. Narcos follows the growth of the drug cartel and the feud with law enforcement. But even within the cartel, it starts to get a bit messy. It's a bitter battle, in which nobody and nothing is spared.




49 min.

Crime series


Target group

Mythical figure

Pablo Escobar, played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, is a legendary figure who inspired awe and fear. He quickly rose up to the highest ranks of the Colombian drug world. During the 1980s, he dominated the global cocaine trade and was one of the most wanted criminals. Narcos immerses you in the corrupt world of the power-hungry Escobar.


Power struggle at the highest level

Narcos focuses on the power struggle between the drug cartels and law enforcement agencies. The interests and amounts at stake are unheard-of. At the height of his power, Escobar brought in about 1 million dollars. Per day! The battle is fought on the razor’s edge, and violence regularly bursts from the screen. There are victims on both sides. Even within the Medellín cartel, feelings can run dangerously high.





Season 1

Narcos, an original production from Netflix, begins in the 1970s when Colombia still hasn’t developed a drugs trade. The arrival of Pablo Escobar on the scene drastically changes all that. The man with the trademark moustache sees his career rise like a comet, and with him, Colombia becomes the epicenter of the global drugs trade. Law enforcement agencies – especially those of the United States – do everything to thwart Escobar’s plans, with predictable results: an all-out war with the white powder as the prize stake.


Season 2

In the second season, Pablo Escobar is on the run. He is being hunted down by the Colombian authorities, who are determined to end his rule over the "white gold" trade. This promises to be a fierce and bloody battle, for Escobar has developed into one of the most powerful drug lords the world has ever seen. And he's at his most dangerous when he's on the verge of being caught.


Wagner Moura
Pablo Escobar

Boyd Holbrook
Steve Murphy

Pedro Pascal
Javier Peña

Joanna Christie
Connie Murphy

Maurice Compte
Horatio Carrillo

Paulina Gaitan
Tata Escobar

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