Proximus MPAY

Pay third party services with your mobile number

With Proximus MPAY you can buy online services

  • Easy: you can pay without a credit card
  • Quick: no need to create a new account
  • Safe: the payment is linked to your Proximus mobile number

You can make your payment online, directly on the webpage or in the app of the service you are using.

Examples of offered services

  • A subscription to your favorite streaming service
  • In-game purchases via PlayStation, e.g. for FIFA or Grand Theft Auto 5
  • A digital magazine or e-book via the App Store/Google Play Store
  • Your parking ticket during a day of shopping
  • Your bus, train or tram ticket

These services are offered by several major players specializing in mobile payments, including: Be-Mobile, Google Play Store, App Store, Sony PlayStation, Veedz,, Demon Games, Wister, ...

Manage your MPAY purchases

Log in via 'MyProximus'. You can consult the overview of your purchases and set a monthly limit.

Pay with your Proximus bill

Paying for city center parking by text message has become quite common nowadays. But did you know that there are many other times when you don't need to get out your bank card?

More info about mobile payments

Proximus MPAY can be used by anyone in Belgium with a mobile subscription or prepaid card.

This payment method is offered by default to all customers and can easily be blocked via the MyProximus app.

Please note that 18 is the minimum age to make payments in online stores with your mobile subscription or prepaid card.

The maximum amount per transaction (€50) and the total amount per month (€300) are fixed throughout the EU.

The range of services that you can purchase is broad and they are generally meant for either entertainment or information.

  • Entertainment services: films, TV shows, music, handset or online games and competitions.
  • Information services: fitness programs, diet programs and sports information.

As a consumer, you become acquainted with these services through online advertising or you can search for them directly.

Advertising presents itself in search results, banners on web pages or full pages in handset apps, or links in YouTube videos.

Know that these services are offered by external service providers, and that they also set their rates. You pay for these services via your Proximus payment statement/bill.

Proximus collects the amount including VAT and immediately transfers it to them.

Multimedia services are always offered through an advertising banner.

As soon as you click on the advertising banner, you are forwarded to the landing page of the offered service:

1. Click on "Subscribe Now": you give your consent to start a subscription to the offered service.

2. Click on "Confirm Subscription": you authorize the payment of the cost of the offered service through your mobile subscription or prepaid card

The service is activated from that moment and you immediately receive a text message confirming it.

media subscription

Once you have clicked on "Confirm Subscription" and your registration is successful, you will immediately receive a text message confirming your subscription. This message also contains information on how to unsubscribe

  • The text message is always sent from a 4-digit number starting with the digit 8.
  • The text message you receive is free of charge.
  • You receive a text message every month as a reminder.


Want to purchase apps, games, movies, music or e-books digitally? Go ahead, because in most cases you can simply pay through Proximus: via your payment statement, your bill or your Pay&Go credit!

Consult our roadmap here.

On the last page of your Proximus payment statement/bill you will see the costs related to these services. The charges are listed under the heading "Detail of your payment statement for Third Party Services - Payments for non-Proximus services".


As a Proximus customer, you have several opportunities to ask questions or file a complaint.

1. You can contact the offering party's customer service directly.

You can find the contact information of the service providers through this link.

2. Via the Proximus customer service: we are the bridge between you and the offering party.

We will connect you with a team of experts who will give you the information you need about a subscription.

In case of complaint, they will give you the necessary support to provide a solution to your problem immediately.

There are several ways to cancel a subscription:

  • Send STOP to the 4-digit number from which you received the welcome and reminder messages
  • Click on the url link mentioned in the welcome and reminder messages
  • Call the number mentioned in the welcome and reminder messages

It is also possible to cancel a subscription by contacting our Customer Service.

There are various options for limiting payments via Proximus MPAY.

You can find more information via this link: block pay-for numbers, pay-for text messages and mobile payments.