Up to 2x more dataaa!

Stream and share without worrying

Both on the go and at the festivals

Stream & share without worries up to 2x more data

Admit it: isn’t it nice to stream even more music and videos. Or use Waze as your guide in the world, without worrying.

And at the festivals, you obviously want to share your adventures on Instagram and co. Have a go at making your stay-at-home friends just a tad jealous or check some of their holiday videos right from the festival terrain.

We hear you. That's why there's now a whole load of extra mobile data included in every Mobilus package to allow you to really live it up.

With that you can also stream lots of music on the camping ground. Or take in the live stream from Pukkelpop while you're at it.

Mobilus? Yes, please!

Mobilus is growing...

Yep, from now on you get even more for your money. Because your mobile data pot is now a whole lot bigger!

What's more, you still receive unlimited mobile data for your favorite app, throughout the whole EU!

And if you opt for a mobile subscription to go with your Tuttimus pack you get even more data with your Mobilus bundle.

Take a quick look at all the things Mobilus has in store for you. And choose the bundle you want.

Discover Mobilus

Additional mobile data?

There's so much you can do with that

For instance, with 1 GB you can...

  • 1,000

    photos to share on Instagram

    Share your most pleasing selfies with your crew. And also the most cringeworthy.

  • 1.5

    hours of live stream on Facebook

    Let everyone else enjoy that sublime song with you.1

  • 300

    checks on Snapshat

    Closely follow what all your besties are up to, including from the festival field.

  • 30

    hours of streaming music

    Play all your favorite tracks one after the other on the camping.

  • 5

    hours of watching videos

    Take a breather with funny YouTube videos or Netflix.1

  • 15

    hours of skyping home

    Ideal for letting the home front know you're still alive.

  1. In standard quality.
Mobilus? Yes, please!

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