Optimize your mobile subscription

Manage your calls

Manage my calls

Block or limit calls

You monitor your budget closely or someone bothers you? You can block all outgoing or incoming (national or international) calls (€6 per month).
Contact our customer service to request the blocking.

Manage my calls

Transfer calls

You are anxious to miss a call? Come on, it's not so bad, there are solutions

  • Transfer calls to another fixed or mobile number.
  • Transfer all calls, or only those when you are on a call, not answering or unavailable.
  • Transfer calls to your voice mail.

Transferring calls is free of charge. If you transfer calls to another number, you do pay the connection from your mobile phone to that other number.

Manage my calls

Handle 2 calls at once

The daycare calls you while you already have your boss on the phone? No worries!

  • Receive a signal when a second call arrives
  • Choose whether or not to take the call (and to finish the first call or put it on hold)

This ProxiComfort option is activated by default on all our subscriptions. You don't want it? Deactivate it in MyProximus.

Your mobile phone number

Two phones, one number

  • 1 invoice and 1 call number, but 2 mobile phones and 2 identical SIM cards
  • Access to all Proximus services with 2 SIM cards
  • Stay connected at all times, even abroad

To activate ProxiDuo and receive a second SIM card, you pay €25. Thereafter, you pay €6/month for using it.

Please note: all calls are directed to the handset that is active on the network at the time. Always switch one handset off before switching the other on.

My mobile phone number

Choose your number

  • Gold : choose a number that is easy to remember for everyone (for example: 047X 200 200) for the one-time fee of € 198
  • Silver : choose a combination of 6 digits free of charge. You can for example adapt your mobile phone number to match your landline (for example: 047X XX 87 93, if your landline is 02 xxx 87 93).

Call our customer service. We will check whether the requested numbers are free. If a number is free, it will be activated.

Not valid for mobile subscriptions in a pack

My mobile phone number

Hide or display your number

Hiding or displaying your number permanently or temporarily is free of charge (CLIR).

My mobile phone number


Our advisors are at your disposal. Choose your contact mode.

  • Call us on 0800 55 405(option « Become customer »)

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