By answering YES to this text message you authorize Proximus SA to take all the necessary steps for the porting of your mobile number towards the Proximus network and you confirm to have read and agreed upon this text.

How does it work?

After we received your text message with the answer “YES”, your new SIM card is sent by mail. The porting of your mobile number will start 3 working days after the receipt of your text messageand will be executed at the latest 1 working day later, as far as the porting request is not rejected by your current operator.

Once you see “Proximus” on your screen after introducing your PIN code, your SIM card is active on the Proximus network.

What should I take into account?

  • You authorize Proximus SA to cancel or adapt the existing contract with your current operator, if applicable. You must fulfil all your contractual obligations vis-à-vis your current operator on pain of paying compensation to the current operator.
  • You can prove that the concerned mobile number is allocated to you.
  • According to the law, the number porting must take no more than one working day. Sometimes, additional time for the activation of your landline or mobile connection must be taken into account. In that case, be sure to set a specific date with your operator for the number porting. If the porting takes more than one working day or if the agreed date was not respected, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact your new operator for this. For more information about your right to compensation in case of a delay with the porting of your number, go to window.
  • Your personal details are processed by Proximus SA (Bd du Roi Albert II 27, 1030 Brussels) and can be used to inform you about the products and services of Proximus SA and third parties. If you do not wish to receive any information about the products and services of Proximus SA or third parties, please call us toll-free at 0800 55 800.