Your mobile data usage

Stream, share and surf without stress

Because now you have loads of mobile data

So, no more worries: with us, you have enough mobile data for doing lots of cool stuff. You can surf away, share your finest moments, or check Instagram and the like.
Or stream your favorite music, or even the latest Netflix series. Yep, also on the go.

With us, you get the most out of being online and are always close to family and friends.

Just look at the things you can do with 1 GB:

  • 1,000

    photos to share on Instagram

    Share your most pleasing selfies with your crew. And also the most cringeworthy.

  • 1.5

    hours of live stream on Facebook

    Let everyone else enjoy that sublime song with you.1

  • 300

    checks on Snapchat

    Closely follow what all your besties are up to, including from the festival field.

  • 30

    hours of streaming music

    Play all your favorite tracks one after the other on the camping.

  • 5

    hours of watching videos

    Take a breather with funny YouTube videos or Netflix.1

  • 3.5

    hours of video calling home

    Ideal for letting the home front know you’re still alive, via WhatsApp.

  1. In standard quality.

And if you don't have Wi-Fi? No problem, you can always count on our strong 4G network.

A few must-have apps

To use anytime, anyplace

With more data you can also use apps all day long, without a worry. Can't decide which app to download first?

We've selected a few must-have apps for your smartphone. Try them out!

Check your data usage anytime

That’s MyProximus

Fast and easy, online or via the app. With MyProximus you immediately know how much mobile data you've used up and still have left.

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Including text alerts

No time to check your usage? We can help.
You will receive a text from us as soon as you've used up 80% and 100% of your mobile data bundle.

Enjoy your data without any worries

Because you choose the Mobilus that suits you

So you can always surf, share, and stream away – no matter how data hungry you are.

Best of all, each Mobilus includes unlimited mobile data for your favorite app, throughout the EU!

You can get Mobilus S, for example, with 1.5 GB of mobile data for just €15.99 per month.

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