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How will the installation of your Internet and TV take place?

As soon as you send your order, we remotely check your technical situation.

  • If a visit by a techician is required, we will arrange that appointment when it best suits you. And no worries: for the installation, you can count on the expertise of our technicians without extra costs!
  • If the infrastructure at your new home is ready to use, you can connect the devices yourself using the installation guide… or request a technicians help to finalise the installation.
Which tasks does the move fee contain?

The rate for a standard installation is €59, including different elements:

  • Installation of the Proximus connection
  • Installation and configuration of the modem, including securization and Wi-Fi.
  • Cabling (max 50 meters, eventually with horizontal drilling in a wall) and a check of existing cabling
  • Configuration of a PC to access internet (using a cable or a built-in wireless card)
  • Installation of an e-mail address and an alias on 1 PC
  • Installation of the TV decoder + small demo

If we need to carry out other technical changes (e.g. connect your home to the cabling in your street), extra costs will be charged.

The type of installation that will be carried out at your new home will be discussed with you during the introduction of your request. Please get as much information as possible on the available infrastructure at your new address, on beforehand (presence or not of a Proximus connection, placement of this entry point, identity of the former Proximus customer, …). For this, the former owner or tenant can be a good source of information.

Remaining accessible during my move

A day without your phone? No internet at home? It’s hard to imagine to be cut off from friends and family even for one day.

There are different ways to remain accessible during your move:

  • You’re waiting for an important call, just when you’re moving your landline? Don’t worry: forward your calls to another phone or to a mobile.
  • Use the free service Phone Mail to listen to your messages where and when you want, on your landline or from your mobile.
  • Also, thanks to mobile internet you continue to surf wherever you want. That’s handy!
Your mail and bills at your new address

Make sure no bill gets lost and cause deactivation of your services, don’t forget to request a mail forwarding. Or choose for an electronic bill!

The move checklist

You’ve got a lot on your mind, help is here. A cure to your stress: our move checklist helps you plan it all!

Less stress, to the checklist

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