Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel's Jessica Jones

The first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is available on Netflix from 20 November. Jessica Jones is a superhero who makes a comeback. She left her superhero life behind to lead a normal life as a private detective – not in order to rid the city of villains and other scum, but just to pay the bills.   That's how down-to-earth this Marvel heroine is. Unlike her idealistic colleagues such as Spider-Man and Daredevil, she has a more pessimistic view of life.



60 min.

Action, drama


Target group
Teens, adults

Booze and cigarettes

And she has her reasons.  Jones is traumatized and tries to alleviate her symptoms with cigarettes and alcohol, which are never far away. Hardly the perfect woman, Jessica Jones, yet superhero Luke Cage still manages to fall for her. Because, you guessed it, this Marvel adaptation also has its dose of romance.

Marvel's Jessica Jones

A star cast

There seems to be no end to the success of the Marvel comics, whether on the large or small screen. Daredevil was warmly received by the Netflix audience, and now we can look forward to a new comic strip adaptation. With a star cast including Carrie-Anne Moss (familiar from The Matrix) and Krysten Ritter (who plays the junkie girlfriend Jane in Breaking Bad), Jessica Jones promises to be a hit. From November 2015 on Netflix, with Proximus TV!

Marvel's Jessica Jones


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