Discover the latest Marvel series: Luke Cage

Introducing Luke Cage, a hoodie-wearing former convict from Harlem, New York. One small detail: he has supernatural powers and unbreakable skin. But he'd rather keep that a secret.

Nevertheless, in 13 episodes, Luke takes on the criminals in his neighborhood. After all, the people need a hero. 




55 minutes

Action, drama, science fiction


Target group


Not just another superhero

Luke Cage new on Netflix

"I'm not a hero"

In the first season, we see Luke Cage working as a cleaner and washing dishes – an average Joe in the New York metropolis. But pretty soon, he is thrust into the center of the action. The reason: his greatest enemy, Cottonmouth, is disrupting Harlem with his weapons trade and other dirty dealings. And this of course sets the ball rolling…

At the same time, he still has something to prove: he was unjustly imprisoned and wants to redeem himself. Indeed, it was while he was in prison that he developed his superpowers: the result of an experiment gone wrong.

Luke Cage new on Netflix

Part of the Marvel series…

Luke appeared in the previous Marvel series on Netflix, Jessica Jones. But now he has his own series, and his own problems. Here, he is following in the footsteps of another great character: Daredevil.
As the first black superhero, no less!

Die-hard fans can rest assured: the series remains quite true to the original Marvel Comic, in which Luke made his first appearance in 1972. But in the 21st century, the makers have added an extra layer of history, politics and culture.

Luke Cage new on Netflix

… and yet different

Nevertheless, this series differs somewhat from the other superhero series from the Marvel stack. But in a good way!

For instance, Luke Cage has lots of action, but it's not overdone. You're not overwhelmed by it, but rather get a combination of a superhero and a normal TV series, with an extra layer in the story. This makes Luke Cage unique, must-see TV.


Luke Cage new on Netflix
Mike Colter
Luke Cage/Carl Lucas

Luke Cage new on Netflix
Mahershala Ali
Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes

Luke Cage new on Netflix
Simone Missick
Mercedes “Misty” Knight

Luke Cage new on Netflix
Theo Rossi
Hernan “Shades” Alvarez

Luke Cage new on Netflix
Erik LaRay Harvey
Willis Stryker/

Luke Cage new on Netflix
Rosario Dawson
Claire Temple

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