You’re moving!

You’re moving!

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Care-free and advantageous!

Easy planning with the move checklist

You’ve got a lot on your mind, help is here!

You already have a lot to think about: planning your move, finding new furniture, picking the right colours, packing your boxes,… It’s all quite stressfull!

Here’s a cure to your stress: our move checklist helps you plan it all! We all like to tick off boxes, right?
Our list contains more than just the Proximus subjects, it’s a real manual for moving.

Less stress, to the checklist!

Which moving type are you?

Take a break and do the test!

You’re quite busy with all arrangements when you’re planning your move. Our checklist helps you not to forget anything, this test is a nice break from all the hard work.

Get yourself some coffee, sit down and answer the questions. Discover your moving type!

Let’s do this test!

Plan your move, it’s easy

A few steps away from a relaxed move

We take care of your move, no matter what your specific situation is! Whether you’re saying goodbye to mum and dad, building a new home or moving with your family, we will guide you.

We aim at making this a care-free experience for you. You have got enough on your mind, right?

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