An Internet connection faster than light
A sharper image than ever on every screen
Everyone online without interruptions

Good news: fiber is available for your home!

Connect to the network of the future. The installation is free of charge while the works are underway in your neighborhood.

Wow, ultra-high-speed Internet!

With fiber you benefit from speeds of up to 220 Mbps for downloads and 25 Mbps for uploads, without any lags or interruptions. You even have the opportunity to increase these speeds to up to 400/50 Mbps with the Fiber Boost 400/50 option, which is compatible with our Tuttimus and Familus Fiber packs.

Video game
(5 GB)

(1.5 GB)

2 min

10 min

2 h 51

31 sec

2 min 56 sec

51 min

Even more advantages!

A stable and superfast internet connection

No interruptions or speed-reducing to surf, stream or game no matter how many persons or devices are connected. Enhance the speed up to 400/500 Mbps.

A High Definition TV experience

Keep all your channels and enjoy a ultra high definition resolution on all your screens.

Added value for your home

A high-speed fiber connection can increase the value of your home4.

Free connection and activation

A technician will come, for free, to install fiber and to activate your fiber products (Tuttimus, Familus, Minimus Fiber).


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Our fiber numbers

  • Existing house: 0800 33 007
  • New construction: 0800 33 234

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Internet speed: the actual speed experienced by the customer depends on the computer system but also, in exceptional cases, of general use.

1. Numbers based on a fiber connection speed of 400 Mbps. Fiber Boost Option only compatible with Tuttimus and Familus Fiber.

2. Numbers based on an copper/VDSL connection speed of 70 Mbps.

3. Numbers based on an copper/ADSL connection speed of 4 Mbps.

4. According to a study commissioned by Fiber to the Home Council Americas, an interest group that brings together fiber optic companies and broadband internet providers.

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