Happy House: free visit of a technician

Happy House

Surf, call and watch Proximus TV in the best conditions

Optimize your Proximus experience

Thanks to a free visit from our technician

Surf the Net, make phone calls or watch television in the best conditions:
we'll come to you free of charge!

When you surf the Net, make phone calls or watch TV, you want everything to work perfectly at home, without a hassle. And that’s our aim.

What would you say to a free visit from one of our technicians to help you optimize all your Proximus products and services?

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The aim of our Happy House visit?

That everyone is happy!

During the visit, no effort will be spared: our technician will do a thorough check.

Surf the Net in the best conditions: your Internet and/or Wi-Fi connection is checked in all rooms. Get your computers, tablets and smartphones ready: we'll configure them for you right away!

Also surf the Internet safely: we'll ensure your Wi-Fi connection is completely secure!

Mobile network: we'll test it for optimal coverage.

Devices: your modem and decoder will be checked and replaced if necessary.

Useful Proximus applications: want a short demo of MyProximus, Proximus TV? We’re happy to give more info!

VDSL technology: free installation if VDSL2 is available in your area.

And we'll also take the time to answer your questions.

Don't delay,

book your Happy House visit now!

You want to enjoy surfing, calling and watching TV to the max, right?

Fill in the form to request your visit. Soon, one of our technicians will come by!

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The visit is scheduled based on availability and Proximus' planning capacity. The visit itself (travel and work hours) is free of charge. If specially adapted or additional items of equipment are necessary, they will be proposed to you without any obligation to buy on your part and you will be billed for them where applicable.  Only V3 decoders will be replaced.