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A smooth start with Proximus

Make the most of your products... and enjoy!

New product? Discover all the things you can do!

A smooth start with TV

Want to watch your favorite movie or TV series? Discover TV.

Safe and comfortable surfing

Fast, comfortable Internet at home: the basics!

Get to know your landline or mobile phone

Before you start using your mobile phone, it's better to know the basics.

Know the basics? Go a step further and personalize your product.

Watch TV wherever and whenever you want

Want to record a program? Looking for a new movie? Want an extra screen at home or on the go? It's all possible with TV!

Surf everywhere, quickly and cheaply

Surf everywhere: at home, on the go, in Belgium and abroad. Smart, affordable, and easy!

Make the most of your devices

For what do you use your mobile phone, tablet or landline the most? Adapt your device to your needs!

Problem? Fixed in no time!

Fix your TV problem

No image or sound? Lost your recording? You can fix the problem in no time.

If surfing isn’t smooth, try this!

If your Internet keeps crashing or Wi-Fi is too slow, we will help you look for the cause and find a solution.

First Aid for your mobile phone or tablet

Want specific functions for your device? Is your device locked or lost? Take action.

Avoid problems: maintenance tips and more!

Keep your TV and Internet in top shape

Regular maintenance + smart tips = better, worry-free use.

  • Give your computer, mobile phone, tablet, and TV a break. Switching them off completely and restarting them works wonders.
  • Do you surf via Wi-Fi? Your modem and decoder communicate via Wi-Fi? To get a strong signal, don't place these devices close to jammers, such as microwaves or elevators.
  • Give your decoder some breathing space: enough room and good air circulation will prevent problems caused by rises in temperature.
  • If a storm is forecast, unplug your devices as a precaution.
  • Let your decoders stay on during the night. We will run the latest software updates while you sleep.
A workout for your mobile phone

Smart owner, smart mobile phone.

  • Always charge your mobile phone completely and regularly restart your device.  This will refresh the memory and operation!
  • Also protect your smartphone and tablet with an antivirus program. Norton Mobile Security ensures secure mobile surfing.
  • Avoid glass damage! Protect your smartphone or tablet: buy a screen cover online or at a Proximus shop.

Make life easier

Manage everything yourself with MyProximus

Want to consult and pay your bills our payment statements instantly? Check your usage for the past month? Or top up your phone? You can do all of this easily online, with MyProximus.

Brief explanation with your first bill or payment statement

Have you received your Internet, TV, fixed line or Pack bill or payment statement? Is something unclear? We provide a brief explanation with your bill or payment statement.

What can you do before calling us?

Couldn't find a solution? Contact us: we'll be happy to help you!

Do you have a question?

Ask one of our advisors. Make your choice: