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Samsung Smart TV
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Call fixed and mobile numbers in Belgium for free in the evenings and weekends.
And if you opt for a Pack Maxi or Comfort Boost, you can call fixed lines for free in 39 countries.

Pack Internet + TV + Telephony + Mobile - Gsm Comfort Maxi - Proximus

More than 80 channels in digital quality

With Proximus TV, you:

  • Watch TV at your own rhythm with the pause and rewind function
  • Remotely program your recordings
  • Watch TV at home and on the go on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, thanks to TV Partout, included in your Pack Maxi or Comfort Boost
Pack Internet + TV + Telephony + Mobile - Gsm Comfort Maxi - Proximus

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Frequently asked questions

What is optical fiber?

Optical fiber is a very thin glass fiber cable allowing the transmission of large quantities of information at the speed of light and in complete safety. For a number of years now, Proximus has been rolling out optical fiber in every part of the country. More than 90% of the population is now living in the vicinity of our fiber network and can enjoy its benefits.

Moreover, an increasing number of new homes are being connected end-to-end to optical fiber (fiber to the home), allowing the users to benefit from an unrivaled connection speed and quality.

Why is Proximus rolling out optical fiber?

Your Internet needs are increasing year over year. You are using an increasing number of connected devices, and innovative services are part of your daily life. In the future, teleworking, (ultra) HD TV, augmented reality games and remote home control will be widely deployed. Proximus offers you a telecom connection that will evolve with your needs, guaranteeing you the best possible experience.

Is fiber to the home available everywhere?

No. Today, optical fiber from Proximus is only available in a number of new housing projects. You can find a list of these, by postal code, on this website.

My new house or apartment is situated in one of the areas where Proximus is planning to roll out fiber to the home. Do I have to request the connection myself?

If you buy the house from a property developer, we will already have ensured that the optical fiber was brought in during the building phase. Everything is ready. Do you know when you will be moving? Please contact us some weeks in advance using this web form to order one of our Packs with ultra-fast Internet, Proximus TV and fixed or mobile telephony.

Are you building a home yourself in a new housing development where Proximus is rolling out fiber to the home? Contact Proximus for the connection as soon as your new build is wind- and water-proof (the same procedure applies for other utility connections, like water, gas and electricity).

Connection to the network is free if you also opt for one of our Packs. But you can of course also connect your home without ordering a Pack, for example because you would like to rent out your home later.

I would like to order a Pack. What will you come to install?

The optical fiber connection is usually situated in a technical room, together with the other utility connections.

Our technician usually installs the optical modem and b-box3 in the same room. He will also provide a decoder for every TV set, so that you can watch Proximus TV everywhere in your home.

This installation will in any case offer you wireless Internet access through your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The decoders can also be connected wirelessly. But it is of course always useful to provide for the necessary cabling to connect your PCs or decoders with a wired connection.

Proximus faq



1 Proximus TV: for more information or to find out if Proximus TV and/or the HD signal is available in your area, please contact your vendor.

2 Decoder: made available for the full term of the contract. If you choose to buy your decoder, you will receive a discount of € 8/month on the price of your Pack.

3 Fixed line:

Free Calls National: for personal use only, and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Proximus.  Cannot be combined with other options granting discounts on national calls. Not valid for calls to special numbers (07x, 09xx, except calls to and from the PhoneMail service).

Free Calls International: option valid only for the fixed telephone on the Phone Line. Limited to 2,000 minutes per month. After that, you pay €0.25/minute + connection cost of €0.1143/call. One option per customer and for personal use only, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Proximus.  Cannot be combined with other options granting discounts on international calls.

General conditions

Activation charge: €59 (do-it-yourself installation kit included).
Installation charge by a technician: €129 (activation charge included).
We hereby inform you that before accepting your request, Proximus must verify in its systems that you do not have any outstanding debts at Proximus.
If you do, we will have to refuse your request, in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

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