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Frequently asked questions

Make your home a fiber home: existing house

Frequently asked questions

Make your home a fiber home: existing house

What is fiber?

Fiber is the technology of the future and uses light to transport signals. It is therefore much faster than the traditional copper cables.
The last stretch, from the street to your home, still had traditional cables. We’re changing that, so you can enjoy the best possible network experience. A large part of the Proximus network today consists of optical fiber.

With fiber, you benefit from an ultra-fast Internet connection, without any loss of quality, and no matter with how many people or devices you’re surfing simultaneously.

Why should I opt for fiber?

With fiber, you benefit from a super-fast and stable Internet, ultra-low latency, the sharpest image on all your screens and more importantly, you are ready for the future!

  • Super-fast and stable Internet: whether finally downloading that movie you were looking forward to for such a long time, or uploading that important presentation, etc., in a fiberhome you can do all that without having to wait a long time, regardless of the number of devices connected
  • Ultra-low latency: every millisecond counts in online gaming. In a fiberhome you are one step ahead of your opponents
  • The sharpest image on all your screens: whether you watch things on TV, your tablet or your smartphone, in a fiberhome you see everything in the best image quality
  • Ready for the future: we control more and more devices in our home via the Internet. A fiberhome takes this evolution in its stride.

In the long term, this new network will replace our traditional copper network.

Is it true that getting connected to fiber is completely free of charge?

Yes, your connection to fiber is completely free of charge while works are underway in your street for any order of a fiber product (except in business park). You can then surf, stream and play at the speed of light.

I’m interested in fiber. What do I need to do?

Check whether fiber is available for your home.

If it is, you will be invited to request your connection to our fiber network and to activate your products.

If fiber is not yet available for your home but Proximus is planning to lay fiber in your street, fill in our form in order to be contacted by one of our staff members to discuss the next steps.

Finally, given that we are rolling out fiber in several phases, your home may be located in an area where works have not yet been planned or in a district in which we are unable to install fiber for technical or administrative reasons.

What is the installation procedure?

We start by laying our fiber cable in your street and then bring it all the way into your house or building. One of our technicians will then come to install a fiber connection point inside your home. Please find below an overview of the different connection solutions based on your technical situation:

  • If you have an installation on your façade or on your neighbor's façade, the technician will install the fiber from the black box (see photo below). To connect the latter to your indoor installation, he will lead the optical fiber cable from your façade into your home. Next, he will install a fiber network connection box inside your home based on the location you want to install your b-box modem. To perform this work, the technician will use either a big ladder or an elevator. The entire installation will take between 2 and 4 hours on average and the material used by the technician will ensure watertightness.
    Fiber facade photo
  • If you live in a house and don't have an installation on your façade, the connection will be done via the basement. The technician will install a connection box in your cellar or garage and set up a connection to the road by digging a trench (if you don't already have a buried conduit lying ready). Once inside your house, depending on the location where you want to install your b-box modem, the technician will carefully bring in and install additional cables if necessary. The entire installation will take between 2 and 4 hours on average and the material used by the technician will ensure watertightness.
  • If you live in an apartment and you don't have installations on the façade of your building, the connection will be accomplished by means of a cable that departs from a pre-installed box in the cellar of your building (or on the floor on which your apartment is located). The technician will run the cable through the common areas of the building to connect your apartment. He will carefully bring in and lay the cable in your apartment up to where your b-box modem is located. The entire installation will take between 2 and 4 hours on average and the material used by the technician will ensure watertightness.
If I have a house with a front garden or driveway, what will be the impact of the installation procedure?

During the works in the street, the installation is free. Our technicians will install the fiber cable via underground works or via the facade if necessary. Proximus will pay up to 50 metres for underground works in your garden.

If the works have already been carried out (outside) and you wish to install fiber for free in your home, then activate one of our Fiber packs via our website, by phone on 0800 22 800 or by visiting a Proximus Shop near you.

Will my alarm system still work properly if I switch to fiber?

It depends on the way the alarm system is connected:

  • Is it WiFi-connected? No problem, but the alarm technician will need to reconfigure the terminal.
  • Is it connected to your Internet line, mobile network or on a separate analogue line? In this case, you will have nothing to do.
  • Is it connected to the same analog line as the one you are calling from? Then we recommend you to opt for a backup battery for your modem so that it can continue to operate in the event of a power failure.

Moreover, if your alarm system is connected to a monitoring center, then we advise you to ask your alarm installer to check the correct functioning of the installation.

Why can't I be connected to fiber?

Check, on the basis of your address, whether Proximus is planning to install fiber in your street.

As the fiber roll-out takes place in several phases, your address may not (yet) be part of an area in which works are planned. It could also be that your home is located in a district equipped with fiber but we are unable to bring fiber into your home for technical or administrative reasons (refusal by the syndic, for example).

How do I view or change my installation appointment?

We always confirm appointments by email.

To view or change your appointment, click the personal link in the email you received. It is only possible to cancel appointments by telephone on 0800 22 800.

Where can I obtain more information about fiber?

You have not found the answers to your questions on our website? Visit a Proximus Shop near you or call us at 0800 22 800.

What does GIGA & Mbps means?

Mbps is a measure of the amount of data that can be transferred within one second, and it’s worldwide used to quantify Internet speeds.

Mbps means megabits per second. GIGA means Gigabits per seconds (Gbps).. One Gigabit is 1.000 megabits….it is very fast!

When Proximus display a speed, it’s almost always the download speed. When a Fiber Internet product is listed at 350 Mbps, it means the connection can download up to 350 megabits of data per second. Example, with a connection of 1 Gigabits per second, you download a movie with the weight of 1,5 gigabits in only 12 seconds.

Where is fiber already available?

Fiber is currently being deployed in several major cities in Belgium: Aalst, Anderlecht, Antwerpen-Diamant, Antwerpen-East, Antwerpen-West, Brussels-Anspach, Charleroi, Deurne, Evere, Ghent, Hasselt, Ixelles, Knokke-Heist, Kortrijk, La Louvière, Leuven, Liège, Mechelen, Molenbeek-Koekelberg, Namur, Ostend, Roeselare, Schaerbeek, Sint Niklaas, Uccle and Vilvoorde.

The objective is to provide an ultra-fast and stable network, capable of easily absorbing the data traffic that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Work is also planned in the following cities: Info available soon

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