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The content shown on these channels is in French


  • TV Breizh brings reruns of French TV series and fiction classics.
  • 13ᵉ Street is specializing in police movies, thrillers, drama, thrillers, spy movies, action and horror.
  • Syfy is a channel dedicated to science fiction and fantasy.
  • TCM Cinéma is a channel focussing on broadcasting American classic movies (Westerns, Classics,…).
  • TMC is an offbeat channel that aims to put intelligence back into entertainment and enjoyment in everything.
  • My Zen TV
  • Game one


  • Boomerang is a channel that offers animation for children from 2 to 9 and their parents.
  • Canal J is a channel for kids from 7 to 14 with cartoons, series and entertaining and funny programs.
  • Mangas is the only channel 100% dedicated to manga characters. A must for fans of Japanese cartoons and cult series.
  • Nick JR is the toddler channel of Nickelodeon with lots of fun series.


  • Nat Geo Wild explores with an in-depth and up-close look the fascinating world of our Earths wildlife.
  • Science et Vie TV is a French thematic television channel dedicated to science.
  • Histoire offers a wide variety of documentaries, movies, news stories and debates about historic events or figures.
  • Ushuaïa TV is a thematic channel aiming to shed light on all aspects of nature.
  • Animaux is a thematic channel dedicated to the glorious animal kingdom.
  • Voyage is a French documentary channel dedicated to the discovery and escape.
  • Crime District is a television channel focussing on criminal investigations.
  • Museum TV


  • Watch classical music, operas and ballets from all over the world on Stingray Classica.
  • Mezzo Live HD is a must for culture lovers and fans of classical and jazz music.
  • VH1 Classic is focused on video clips from the 1970s to the present day, but also with rare clips from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
  • Pure, innovative, inspiring, trend-setting end the at the heart of contemporary youth culture.
  • MTV Hits offers the best of MTV with the best clip playlists and the most exclusive and original music content. That is MTV Live HD.
  • If you love 80's music and shows, the Melody channel is your cup of tea.

Want something only for kids?

The Studio 100 GO Pass is made for you!

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In the TV option Family you will find interesting content for everyone; films, series, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, music…
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You can find your Family channels on your decoder and some of them are also available at any time and place on the Proximus Pickx app via your personalized menu.

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The offer Family  is a supplementary TV option reserved for customers of the basic TV offer. TV offer is available in a Pack with a landline starting from €43.99/month.

Try one month: 1 TV option TV Family for free trial during 1 month : personal offer valid from 23/04/2019 until 30/06/2022. 1 single time for every residential TV subscriber that subscribes to a new tv bundle free of choice in an exclusive list. After the first month the option becomes paying and is prolonged for indefinite term. You can unsubscribe from the option at any time free of charge. Cannot be combined with other actions or promotions. Proximus reserves itself the right to extend or stop the promotion earlier.

What does the Proximus Family TV Option include?

Proximus Family, the ideal TV option tailored to please the whole family! 
Family offers more than 30 channels for younger and older viewers. Channels showing series and films for quality time together with the family, amazing documentaries for you to learn something new every day, cartoons, series and access to Studio 100 channels for children, music channels.

Proximus Family has the following channels:

  • Entertainment – Films and Series
    6 channels to guarantee hours of family fun and entertainment watching films and series!
    • TV Breizh
    • 13ème Rue
    • SYFY
    • TCM Cinéma
    • Sundance TV
    • TMC
  • Kids - Cartoons
    6 Kids channels showing cartoons and series to delight your youngsters!
    • Boomerang
    • Mangas
    • Disney Cinéma
    • Gulli
    • Canal J
    • Nick Jr.
  • Documentaries
    Learn and educate yourself by watching TV. It's possible on the 7 included documentary channels. Travel all 4 corners of the world, learn more about how the story unfolds with the best channels dedicated to nature, science and history!
    • Nat Geo Wild
    • Sciences & Vie TV
    • Histoire
    • UshuaïaTV
    • Animaux
    • Voyage
    • Crime District
  • Music
    Whether you love rock, classical music, pop or hip-hop, the 6 Proximus Family music channels are sure to meet your expectations.
    • Stingray Classica
    • Mezzo Live HD
    • 1 Classic
    • MTV Live HD
    • MTV Hits
    • Melody
  • Studio Go Pass
    The Studio 100 GO Pass guarantees the offer of interactive quality content for your children. All their favourites such as Bumba, the charismatic threesome of "The Night Watch" Wilko, Vladimir and Keelin and also the unmissable pop singing misses from the famous group K3 will sweep them away on wild adventures!

Enjoy our promotion and one month for free to discover the Family TV Option!

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