Entertainment Channels

22 channels with movies, series, music and documentaries

9.95 /month

Always an interesting program to watch

22 channels with movies, series, music, documentaries about nature, topics like science but also discovery of the world

They will fascinate all members of your family

You can switch this option on or off every month, give it a try!

9.95 /month


Not a Proximus TV customer yet?

To be able to order an Entertainment option, you first need to choose a pack with TV.
Entertainment Channels or Movies & Series Pass (your choice) is included in the Tuttimus pack.

Entertainment Channels

9.95 /month

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Entertainment Channels

Movies & Series Pass

Save €4.95/ month

9.95 /month

General conditions

The offer Entertainment Channels is a supplementary TV option reserved for customers of the basic Proximus TV offer. Proximus TV is available in a Pack with a landline starting from €41.99/month.

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