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To activate the Call & SMS option to Europe, the US, Canada and Switzerland on your reload card, type #155*1# and press Send (type #155# to check your usage).

To send text messages, the standard rates are applicable. 

Calls & SMS

As from 4.99 /month

​General conditions

International Calls & SMS = International Calls & SMS+:

  • The minutes and texts are valid during the billing period. Unused minutes or texts are not carried over to the next month. Activation and deactivation is free of charge and possible at any time.
  • The minutes are not valid for calls to satellite or maritime networks and calls to special numbers (calls not between employees), nor for texts sent to special services, nor to MMS messages. With each call, minutes are used per second as from the 61st second. Usage exceeding the volume included in the option along with calls to special numbers abroad are charged at the rate of your rate plan, available on www.proximus.be/tariffs.
  • To activate the International Calls & SMS option, Pay&Go customers must have at least €4.99 (incl. VAT) of credit on their card. International Calls & SMS + not possible for prepaid cards.

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