Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Are you a fan of top-class fiction? Then you’ll be familiar with Breaking Bad – unless you’ve been living on another planet the past few years. This popular series about a chemistry teacher suffering from lung cancer, who decides to cook “crystal meth”, has won six Emmy awards and one Golden Globe. Many people consider it the best TV series ever.  We can’t argue with that.




47 minutes

Drama, Thriller


Target group
Adolescents and adults

From teacher to drug dealer

With his wife expecting their second child, Walter White finds out he has terminal lung cancer. To spare his family from financial troubles after he's gone, he takes a drastic decision. He enlists the help of Jesse, one of his chemistry students, to cook and sell methamphetamine. The once doting father and chemistry teacher transforms into a criminal.

Breaking Bad

Iconic figure

Some characters, such as Don Draper and Tony Soprano, have lasting power. Walter White is one of them. Walt, the central figure in the series, is a soft-spoken chemistry teacher who gradually turns into a self-righteous criminal who lets everyone down. As a viewer, you fall under the spell of the protagonist, who never fails to surprise you. But Breaking Bad is not just original, it is also moving and funny.

Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad

Season 3

Although his cancer is stable, Walter White has to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations. His wife Skyler wants a divorce, and his brother-in-law is on his tail. What's more, a Mexican drug cartel is out to get him. Despite all these setbacks, Walt works on a deal that will make him a huge amount of money.

Breaking Bad

Season 4

His partner Jesse starts to distance himself from Walter, becoming increasingly hostile. Walter’s private life also hits rock bottom: he becomes estranged from his wife and is pursued by brother-in-law Hank, a DEA agent. As a viewer, you are grabbed by the nape of the neck and taken on an emotional roller coaster ride.


Season 5

In the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad, there is hardly any trace left of the once obedient family man, Walt, who has now become a fully-fledged drug criminal. With Jesse and Mike as partners in crime, Walt plans to earn a lot of money in one go with crystal meth. But as the season progresses, he decides to leave the drug world behind for good. The season finale will take your breath away.


Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston
Walter White

Breaking Bad
Anna Gunn
Skyler White

Breaking Bad
Aaron Paul
Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad
Dean Norris
Hans Schrader

Breaking Bad
Betsy Brandt
Marie Schrader

Breaking Bad
RJ Mitte
Walter White Jr.

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