Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Customer Managed Video Conferencing

Video conferencing in three service models


  • Significant travel cost saving that will outweigh the initial investment
  • Improved communication and increased productivity: meetings are shorter and more effective
  • Better work/life balance for employees: work from wherever you are, using different devices
  • Creative usage: remote trainings, recruitment, access to remote experts, telemedicine and second medical opinion, contact center support with document sharing and visual communication, etc.
  • Reduction of your company's ecological footprint (less CO2)

Proximus offers Video Conferencing solutions based on technology from both leading Video Conferencing partners, Cisco and Polycom.

  • Proximus is Cisco Gold Certified for the Belgium & Luxemburg Territory. As a Cisco Gold Partner Proximus integrates the deepest level of Cisco Services expertise into its offerings and demonstrates a high level of customer satisfaction when selling Cisco Solutions.
  • Proximus is a Platinum Level Polycom Choice Partner and is Polycom Services partner. This guarantees that Proximus is committed to have highly qualified people and the latest equipment for offering and delivering video conferencing products and services.

Proximus's Video Conferencing is based on SIP and H.323 standards, which are supported worldwide by almost all installed video systems.

Integration projects

Through the onsite integration projects Proximus can help you to design & implement the best solution to set up the audio (e.g. integrating a micro in a tabletop), the screens (manage multiple screens with a central infrastructure), the videoconference & the furniture in your meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms.

Next to these onsite integration projects, Proximus:

  • Delivers maintenance and support, managed services, cloud services and live assistance for end-users
  • Has a team of video conferencing experts with knowledge in both standard and highly complex projects
  • Can also help with the financing of equipment onsite

Managed Video Conferencing Services


  • The entire management of the Video Conferencing platform is subcontracted
  • Low TCO and high productivity of the platform
  • The customer service desk is freed up because users have a direct helpline
  • Transparency through reporting and workflow portal
  • Full control over the decision remain at your side

User advantages

  • A Video Conferencing service that is up and running to a maximum and works as required.
  • Assistance: end users immediately receive answers to their questions on the telephone before or during a conference.
  • Change management: Proximus asks your approval before making any change
  • Monitoring, incident management and corrective maintenance: failures are prevented to the greatest possible extent and incidents are solved within agreed time frames
  • Service Level Agreement for incident interventions
  • Reporting on the availability and performance of the video conferencing solution
Managed Video Conferencing Services advantages

Video Conferencing-as-a-Service


  • No investment needed for the central videoconferencing infrastructure, nor in the management and maintenance.
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing model
  • Simple, intuitive and secure
  • With VCaaS you can invite colleagues and business partners in your own virtual meeting room
  • Participants, even those in other organizations, can participate in a multipoint videoconference
  • Enterprise grade service with Live Assistance for the end-users
  • Works with any standard video system and with Microsoft Lync
  • Participants can join your VCaaS videoconferencing using any standard video conferencing system or software (on PC, laptop, mobile) using any network (Internet, ISDN or Explore connectivity)

Video Conferencing-as-a-Service advantages

Customer story

DCI Agency

NCI Agency

The NATO Communications and Information Agency, NCI Agency, is engaged in ongoing innovation with its trading partners. The idea is to optimize the use of videoconferencing for as many NATO personnel as possible.

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Medical implants

Videoconferencing offers to Danielle a professional solution for remote meetings. He saves time and money, while increasing the productivity of his employees.

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