Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Create your virtual machines in the cloud and increase your business agility


  • Avoid infrastructure and maintenance costs and only pay what you really use.
  • Up-to-date systems adapted to the latest technologies and the highest security demands.
  • Integrated hybrid cloud solution that can grow with your business.
  • Connection via the cloud from any device at any time.
  • Your data remains in Belgium.
  • Really easy to manage from your own office.
  • Less energy consumption thanks to the virtualization.
We can help you build and deliver your cloud solution
  • Data center located in Belgium to ensure data sovereignty
  • A fully managed cloud service based on the best virtualization platform
  • Support for your 32-bit applications in a Public Cloud
  • Comprehensive and consistent management and Hypervisor
  • Customized SLAs versus a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Trusted advisor to help you choose the right strategy and plan your migration to the best of the cloud

Proximus Azure Pack


Create your account and receive free resources during a month for a total value of € 500!

Free resources are:

  • 4 small virtual machines equipped with a vCPU/2 GB of vRAM;
  • 40 GB on data disk;
  • a Security Pack which includes a virtual firewall, anti-virus & malware protection and intrusion detection;
  • a public IP address to make your services publicly accessible.

We have developed a solution based on the leading Microsoft Azure Pack which unifies existing resources and simplifies data center management

It provides rapid response to your business with innovative software-defined solutions for computers, network, and storage. Run your on-premises data center with new efficiency and flexibility, and then expand your capabilities with cloud options on demand. Seamlessly integrate an on-premises data center with the cloud to increase the performance, resilience, and capacity of both your infrastructure and business.

Solution: Microsoft Azure Pack


Main components
  • Redundant and secured infrastructure hosted from Proximus data center in Belgium.
  • Customer support located in Belgium.
  • Wide range of virtual resources including # of CPU, memory and storage.
  • Self-service portal to manage your virtual servers, predefined OS templates (Azure Pack).
  • Internet connectivity to the self-service portal.
  • External firewalls managed by Proximus and possibility to setup an internal virtual firewall.
  • Security options: DDoS and anti-virus protection.
  • Backup (mirroring) and restore on request.
  • Portal to order changes.
  • User manual and phone support during the setup period.


vContainer is a cloud solution you can manage yourself, allowing you to keep full control over your resources

The underlying infrastructure is managed and maintained by us in its two main data centers in Belgium (Evere and Machelen).

You create, modify and delete your virtual machines, as well as the operating systems and applications that use these machines, via an online portal. For this, you can use predefined server templates. You can also import your own templates or migrate existing machines to this environment. We put a manual at your disposal and offer support in your own language from the start.

Solution: Cloud vContainer


Main components
  • Redundant and secured infrastructure hosted from Proximus data center in Belgium.
  • Customer support located in Belgium.
  • Wide range of virtual resources (memory, CPU, storage, network).
  • Online portal (management console) to manage your virtual servers (based on VMware), predefined templates for your servers and the possibility to import your own templates.
  • Internet connectivity to vContainer, with Explore  as an option.
  • Strict rules concerning network and security, with the option to manage an internal firewall. Security options: antivirus, SSL VPN.
  • Three types of SAN backup to choose from: capacity drives, performance drives or vPlex virtualization.
  • Backup in block and restore on request.
  • Online reports for the (shared) used resources to plan your capacity needs.
  • Portal to order upgrades (shared and mix).
  • Monitoring and management of the underlying infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, servers, storage, backup and vCenter).
  • User manual and phone coaching during the set-up period.
  • Possibility to combine NAS storage, file backup and servers.

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ISB migrates to the cloud

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Promotion conditions

We offer on each new subscription a discount of €16,67 per day for the coming 30 days after subscription on the Azurepack Platform.
This is a total discount on €500 on resources on the Proximus azure pack platform.
The €500 will be discounted on the invoice on a pro-rate data over 30 days after subscription.