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For a more digital Belgium

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With the right innovative technologies, you can take your business to the next level and take advantage of their enormous potential. Do like many Belgian companies, let your company progress digitally together with Proximus and let’s put Belgium on the digital map together.

Making your digital transformation possible

Fiber. They already use it here

Some of Belgium’s oldest abbeys are completely up to date. They’ve digitized their processes and use the fiber network. And your organization?

5G. Here, they’ve already seen the potential

Thanks to 5G, people, machines and sites will be better connected and able to work together more efficiently. Is your organization already getting ready?

Cybersecurity. Here, they’ve incorporated it already

In Belgium, mobile healthcare providers are increasingly using innovative cybersecurity. In this way, they’ve been able to secure their digital space. What about your organization?

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Rochefort uses fiber to improve the quality of its Trappist beers and remotely manage its production. Learn how!

Expensive equipment out, mobile app in

More and more organizations are replacing expensive equipment with mobile solutions. Kind en Gezin is now doing eye tests with an iPhone app.

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5G: far more than just a development of 4G

5G is here and its deployment across the country is being scheduled in stages for both end users and businesses. While we await the allocation of temporary 5G licenses, we have started to prepare the infrastructure in Belgium.

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