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For a more digital Belgium

Are Belgian companies digital enough? The latest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) places Belgium at number 9. There's enormous digital potential for your company to benefit from. In a market that’s rapidly evolving, you’ll win in terms of speed, efficiency, flexibility and safety with the right digital tools.

Making your digital transformation possible

Faster with fiber

Fiber offers your company numerous advantages. You’ll surf the web up to three times faster, you’ll enjoy flawless quality during video calls and you can count on long-term support for the ever increasing data traffic.

Tomorrow's mobile networks

A reliable mobile network is indispensable for any enterprise. Thanks to 4G and 4.5G, you already have a secure connection with your customers and employees. Enter 5G, and it'll all work 100 to 220 times faster. A new world of connected objects and revolutionary possibilities is opening up for you. Like real-time tracking of your business activities.

We see you Belgium, accelerate

Whatever the size of your company, our Proximus Accelerators will aid you with a speedy yet safe transition into the Digital Era. It’s a group of IT wizards in advanced domains, like integration and security, who'll offer you digital solutions that fit your company like a glove – and that allow you to always stay one step ahead.

Where are you in your digitalization?

Stay in digital top shape.

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